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corner corner Been Wishing for A BC WishList? Some wishes do come true!
April 21, 2008

Wishing for a special book is nothing new to readers, and tons of BookCrossers have used "Cliff's Wish List" which Cliff1976 set up many years ago to keep track of their wished-for books. Cliff's Wish List was also a handy place to track down the wishes of others. But times have changed, and Cliff, who has done a fantastic job with the wish list site, has finally gotten his own wish answered: wish list functionality has been integrated into BookCrossing. It is BookCrossing's good fortune that he turned the site over to us. Matt and his merry band of IT geeks have been testing it out in Alpha. At the London Convention today, Matt threw the magic switch and sent the BookCrossing Wish List to Beta.

Beta users can now check out the new feature. It is on Beta only for now, and comments/suggestions regarding the testing of the new feature can be made in our Beta Site Testing forum. To be a Beta user, you only need to be part of the Members Plus team. Basic wish list functions will be available for all members when the feature goes "live", but there will also be enhanced wish list abilities for Members Plus users.

The Wish list can be found in the new User Quick Menu which is located with the home link in the upper right corner of the site (only Beta for now.) Links can be found on your bookshelf next to the status of your books as well as buttons to add books on any book page, journal entry or search result. All wish lists that were formerly housed on Cliff's site have been imported to BookCrossing.

So thanks Cliff, Scott, Matt, and all the others who helped make this wish come true. May all your wishes be crossed.

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