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May 28, 2005

Although BookCrossing postcards have been discussed previously in the
forums and among the support team folks, BookCrosser Grooble from South Australia made a post three weeks ago in the Feature
Requests forum
which really started the ball rolling again. After some
thought, we decided to hold a design contest for the first ever official
BookCrossing postcards, announced href="http://www.bookcrossing.com/newscontent/156">here last week.
Unfortunately, somewhere along the way we lost sight of where the renewed spark had
come from, and Groobs didn't get the recognition deserved for a great idea.
By way of belated thanks, Grooble's wings have been set flapping.

The Feature Requests forum remains a great place to send up trial balloons for new ideas, get feedback from other BookCrossers and to pass along brainstorms for what you'd like to see in BookCrossing.

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