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From Streatham, Greater London United Kingdom

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Please note - some of the books marked 'available' are not, as an excess of tidyness resulted in the list of BCIDs I had kept for marking releases being thrown away! So apologies if I disappoint. Also, ill health means I rarely manage to leave the house, so I am reliant on others to release books for me, and they are not so good about release notes....

My hair used to be dark, and the nicest way to describe me is 'cuddly'. I am in love with the most utterly gorgeous man in the world, fellow bookcrosser Diomedes - we met through bookcrossing! He is truly marvellous, he copes not only with me, but with my three children (one still at home) as well. Update - we're engaged! (that was several years ago - we are still engaged.) I love reading - especially fantasy/science fiction, although anything that will let me escape to my own space for a while is grist for the mill.

I haven't read all of the books that I release; many have been acquired by one means or another simply to release them and spread the joy of bookcrossing. Caffcaff, Molyneux, Rivercassini, LongNeckBooks, and others have helped in this, as have charity shops and library sales. Releasing is almost as addictive as reading. Books that have passed through my hands can now be found all over the world.

I chose my screen name because I've always wanted to be/befriend a dragon, and I found this site through finding the book "The Dragon Knight" by Gordon R. Dickson.

I occasionally ring or ray, am not averse to trades, like to wild release (with very limited success), and am as big a fan of RABCK as a broke mum of three can be. NB I have not read all the books available on/released from my shelf, as there just isn't time, and Mt Toobie moves slowly, so loans can be arranged! Books are likely to be 'decorated' with the odd cat hair - we have four great kitties, a ginger and white girl, a calico (my birthday present from 2008!), a tuxedo boy (my early Christmas present for Christmas 2011), and a tortoiseshell the same age as the tuxedo,so whatever I wear their fur is visible on me.
I am very sad to update this profile which used to read five great kitties. Our lovely tabby and white girl, Jetta, sadly passed away due to a third recurrence of her cancer along with an aging heart and the start of diabetes. She was seventeen when she passed and had given us thirteen years of absolute delight, and still had the loudest purr to the end.

If you live in, like, or have any affiliation with the UK and would like to chat to UK bookcrossers, come join us at
We don't bite (unless asked to), not all of us come from Wales, and one of our members is Not an axe murderer!

I have decided to stop counting my wild catches. It's averaging something below 10%, with the longest delay so far being 11 years and 6 months. That last statistic I will update as necessary!

Do not trifle with Dragons, for you are small and crunchy and taste good with ketchup

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