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Eagle River, Alaska USA


Thursday, February 26, 2004

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Outside interests include, but not limited to: shotokan, latin dance, movies, going to the beach, gardening, cribbage, hiking, learning to eat healthier, trying to be a better person, learning italian, suomi and espanol. Love getting postcards-happy to trade postcards with anyone.

Books Read 2008:
1.Shadow Prey--John Sandford
2.Certain Prey--John Sandford
3.Naked Prey--John Sandford
4.Invisible Prey--John Sanford
5.The Long Walk--Slavomir Rawicz
6.The Memory Keeper's Daughter--Kim Edwards
7.Perfection of Character--Teruyuki Okazaki
8.Scarlett--Alexandria Ripley
9.Intensity--Dean Koontz
10.The Accidental Vampire--Lyndsey Sands
11.Rogue--Rachel Vincent
12.The Friday Night Knitting Club--Kate Jacobs
13.The Historian--Elizabeth Kostova
14.Chosen Prey--John Sanford
15.The Hindi Bindi Club--Monica Pradhan
16.Girl in the Cellar--Allan Hall & Michael Leidig
17.Vampires are Forver--Lindsey Sands
18.Escape--Carolyn Jessop-w/ Laura Palmer
19.Red Dragon(yes,again)--Thomas Harris
20.Vampire Interrupted--Lindsey Sands
21.Back on Blossom Street--Debbie Macomber
22.A Stroke of Midnight--
23.Night Prey--John Sandford
24.Big Bad Wolf--James Patterson
25.Silver Bells--Luanne Rice
26.A Quick Bite--Lindsey Sands
27.Velocity--Dean Koontz
28.4th of July--James Patterson
29.The Boston Strangler--

RABK's I've received:
Woman's Guide to Investing-
The Teacher Who Coudn't Read-booklady331
The Marine's Kiss-LGinder
Pampered Chef-LGinder
Pampered Chef-LGinder
Rules of Prey-booklady331
Must Love Dogs-Trekkwoman
Mythology of Cats-Trekkwoman

RABK's I've sent out:
Airframe bookjunkie1
The Experiment thursday5
Crime and Punishment charlenemartel
Black House Quiron
Roots froggirlwendy
Shogun hshah
Funeral in Blue dot-dot
Of Love and Other Demons catsalive
Daughter of Time Bulan-Purnama
Englishman's Daughter buffy25
A Walk to Remember alkaline-kiwi

Books for Soldiers I've sent:
Enemy Mine
Last Scene Alive
The Quick and the Dead (via
Hannibal (2) (via
X-Files-Whirlwind (via
Fire Sea (via
Unnatural Exposure (via
The Drawing of the Three (via
E is for Evidence (via

1.Men in Kilts-Katie MacAlister
2.Sex and the Single Vampire-Katie MacAlister
3.Hard Days Knight-Katie MacAlister
4.Drinking Midnight Wine-Simon R. Green
5.Sex,Lies and Vampires-Katie MacAlister
6.American Gods-Neil Gaiman(yes, again)
7.The Next Accident-Lisa Gardner
8.River God-Wilbur Smith
9.Cell: A Novel-Stephen King
10.The Seventh Scroll-Wilbur Smith
11.Nickel and Dimed-Barbara Ehrenreich
12.Hondo-Louis L'Amour
13.The Teacher Who Couldn't Read
14.In Golden Blood-Stephen Woodworth
15.Undead and Unemployed-Mary-Janice Davidson
16.Shadow Game-Christine Feehan
17.Hex and the City-Simon R Green
18.Agents of Light and Darkness-Simon R Green
19.Ceasars Way-Ceasar Milan
20.Mindhunter-John Douglas(?)
21.Witches Bane-Susan Wittig Albert
22.Hidden Prey-John Sandford
23.Nightseer-Laurel K Hamilton
24.Small Gods-Terry Pratchett
25.Of love and other demons-Gabriel Garcia Marquez
26.The Experiment-John Darnton
27.Wifey-Judy Blume
28.How the Garcia Girls Lost Their Accents-Julia Alvarez
29.Naked Prey-John Sandford
30.Enemy Mine-Barry B. Longyear& David Gerrold
31.Last Scene Alive-Charlaine Harris
32.Seventh Son-Orson Scott Card
33.The Devil Met a Lady-Stuart Kaminsky
34.The Marine's Kiss-Shirley Jump
35.Rules of Prey-John Sandford
36.The X-Files:Whirlwind
37.Royal Treatment-Mary Janice Davidson
38.Must Love Dogs-Claire Cook
39.Songs of Susannah-Stephen King
40.Why do Men have Nipples-Mark Leyner, Billy Goldberg
41.Drinker of Souls-Jo Clayton
42.Caress of Twilight-Laurell K.Hamilton
43.Even Vampires Get the Blues-Katie MacAlister
44.The Quick and the Dead-Curtis
45.Mind Game-Christine Feehan
46.Blow Me Down-Katie MacAlister
Oops, stopped keeping track a while back. Try to do better in 2007
The books I've read so far(2006) are not necessarily a true reflection of my reading taste. At the end of 2005 a room mate was moving out and left several boxes of books behind. I wanted to release them all, but feel guilty releasing a book I've not read. All of the para-romances fall into this category. That's not to say they were all bad. Some were ok or even entertaining, some were pure, unadulterated cheese. The historical fiction and crime/thrillers are more my taste.
1.What the Deaf/Mute Heard
2.American Gods(yet again)-Neil Gaiman
3.Ride the River-Louis L'Amour
4.Lost Souls-Poppy Z Bright
5.Warlock-Wilbur Smith
6.Seduced by Moonlight
7.Evening Class-Maeve Binchey
8.Road to Perdition
9.The Lakehouse
10.Practical Magic
11.2nd Chance
12.Mind Prey-John Sandford
14.When the Wind Blows
16.Mortal Prey-John Sandford
18.Pillars of the Earth-Ken Follett
19.What Memories Remain-Cait London
20.Secret Prey-John Sandford
21.Harry Potter #4-JK Rowling
22.Harry Potter #5-JK Rowling
23.Harry Potter #6-JK Rowling
24.The Narrows
25.The Bonesetters Daughter-Amy Tan
26.Seize the Night-Dean Koontz
27.Derik's Bane
28.The Kitchen Witch
29.Single White Vampire-Lindsey Sands
30.Love Bites-Lindsey Sands
31.Tall, Dark and Hungry-Lindsey Sands
32.The Other Boleyn Girl-Phillipa Gregory
33.A Girl's Guide to Vampires-Katie MacAlister
34.The Corset Diaires-Katie MacAlister
35.The Shining-Stephen King
36.Improper English-Katie MacAlister

Wow, that's a pretty pathetic list. I'll have to get busy with the reading!!
If you have any suggestions on books I might enjoy, let me know and I'll try to track them down.

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