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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

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I joined BC a long time ago, but real life got in the way. Four and a half years later I found my way back, and now I am loving every minute of it! I'm reading new books and authors, venturing into different genres, but most importantly, I'm meeting some truly wonderful people.
I just love BC! :D

And....   I have now learned how Mount TBRs form. ;)

If you've got a book of mine, feel free to keep it or release it wild,
even if you live in an area where BC isn't strong, I don't mind. :)

PitaPata Cat tickers

I'm at my computer almost daily, so if I'm not responding to PMs it most likely means they're not getting through. In that case, send me an email to vedranaster at gmail dot com and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

If my PM function has been disabled, I didn't do it, it's a system glitch.
Send me an email or do an ISO in the forums;
Rings & Rays and RABCK forums are your safest bet.

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Jailbird by Kurt Vonnegut - international ray   ... CLOSED & COMPLETED
Coraline by Neil Gaiman - international ring   ... CLOSED & COMPLETED
InterWorld by Neil Gaiman and Michael Reaves - international ring   ... CLOSED but NOT YET COMPLETED
Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold - international ring ... CLOSED but NOT YET COMPLETED
Neuromancer by William Gibson - international ring   ... CLOSED & COMPLETED
Breakfast of Champions by Kurt Vonnegut - international ring   ... CLOSED but NOT YET COMPLETED

Also hosting a permanent postcard RABCK. If you want a postcard from Zagreb, Croatia, send me a PM with your postal address, using the code CROCARD in the title of the PM, and I'll send you a postcard when finances and my busy schedule allow. :)

My preferred genres: comedy, SF, mystery/thrillers

I also thoroughly enjoy scientific books but written for us "ordinary" folk.
A good conspiracy theory book also always feels very welcome in my hands. :)

Well, come to think of it, I enjoy all the books except for the ones which I don't. ;)
There's often no way of knowing whether I'll like a book until I start reading it.
BC is a great site for exactly that - testing the waters - finding new authors and genres to read.

Horrors are a mysterious genre to me, I often muse whether to register a book as horror or mystery or fantasy... I enjoy horrors, but of the psychological kind, not the ones with loads of gory details. Think movies and you'll know what I mean - Ring was fantastic, Saw is just plain horrible. :)

Favourite authors, currently: Neil Gaiman, Niccolò Ammaniti, S. E. Hinton and Mary Roach.

Other authors I've enjoyed: Dennis Lehane, Haruki Murakami, Garth Stein, Kazuo Ishiguro, Alice Sebold, Agatha Christie, Peter James, Paul Micou, Charles Dickens, H. G. Wells, Edgar Allan Poe, Maeve Binchy, Ray Bradbury, Jules Verne, Mark Twain, Oscar Wilde, F. Scott Fitzgerald, C. S. Lewis, Clive Barker ...

Authors I probably won't try reading again: Anne Rice, Susan Hill
Genres I mostly avoid: romance, chick-lit

I still miss my copy of Barker's The Thief of Always like hell...
Some acquaintances never return books. :(
But in his defence, he did "loose" it during a break-up...
I don't expect books are at the top of ones list of priorities in such a situation.

No longer missing it like hell...
Received a copy of The Thief of Always as a wonderfully sneaky surprise RABCK from ghir! :D

I keep my Wishlist updated - if something's on it, I want it. :D
My wishlist is huge, and will probably grow even bigger, because it is mostly a reminder to myself so as not to forget books people have recommended me.
Note that some of the books on my wishlist might become part of my permanent collection. Though, I must admit that if I stumble onto something that I really love, the more likely scenario is that I'll try and get a new copy for my bookshelf, and let the BC copy go spread it's wonderfulness around. :)

Particularly would like to get my hands on:
Collected Folk Tales by Alan Garner
The Dead Zone by Stephen King,
Paul Micou - any book except The Cover Artist
The Halfmen of O by Maurice Gee
Andra by Louise Lawrence
Side Effects: Death - Confessions of a Pharma-Insider by John Virapen
Blind Faith by Ben Elton

If you find something you like among my availables or TBRs (status set by me), feel free to send me a PM and I'll let you know if I'm able to ship it your way at that particular moment (finances don't always allow me to ship internationally). If at the same time you also offer me something I've got on my wishlist, chances are I won't be able to resist the urge to swap. ;)

I apologise in advance that you will most likely not receive any goodies with the shipment, even though I love to throw in a postcard, tea or anything I might find out you like by doing some forums snooping ;) - however, I am currently only able to ship "surface media mail" which means - no goodies. Darnit!   ;(

Currently reading, though it would be more realistic to say "currently attempting to read" *grin*:
  Lord of the Flies by William Golding
  Frankenstein by Mary Shelley
  Peter Pan by James M. Barrie - e-book
  Buddhist Boot Camp by Timber Hawkeye - e-book
  The Return of Sherlock Holmes by Arthur Conan Doyle - e-book

Booklist for 2015:
13) The Golden City by John Twelve Hawks ... READ - RABCK from 4evagreen
12) The Dark River by John Twelve Hawks ... READ - RABCK from 4evagreen
11) The Traveller by John Twelve Hawks ... READ - RABCK from 4evagreen
10) The Ocean at the End of the Lane by Neil Gaiman*** ... READ
  9) Always Looking Up by Michael J. Fox* ... READ - RABCK from bookstogive
  8) Crveni zmaj by Thomas Harris ... READ
  7) The Ninth Life of Louis Drax by Liz Jensen ... READ - RABCK from han_cat :)
  6) Walking With The Dead by LM Falcone ... READ
  5) Elizabeth is Missing by Emma Healey* ... READ
  4) Not Before Sundown by Johanna Sinisalo ... READ - RABCK from Annimanni :)
  3) The Sandman: The Wake (vol. 10) by Neil Gaiman & Co. ... READ - book spiral
  2) The Sandman: The Kindly Ones (vol. 9) by Neil Gaiman & Co. ... READ - book spiral
  1) The Door In The Wall And Other Stories by H. G. Wells ... READ - eBook

Booklist for 2014:
  8) Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn** ... READ
  7) That Was Then, This Is Now by S. E. Hinton** ... READ
  6) D. A. by Connie Willis ... READ - RABCK from chich
  5) The Witches by Roald Dahl** ... READ
  4) Packing for Mars by Mary Roach ... READ
  3) Dirty Beasts by Roald Dahl*** ... READ - RABCK from cordelia-anne
  2) The Sandman 8: World's End by Neil Gaiman & Co. ... READ - bookspiral
  1) The Sandman 7: Brief Lives by Neil Gaiman & Co. ... READ - bookspiral

Booklist for 2013:
 10) Waist-High in the World: A Life Among the Nondisabled
      by Nancy Mairs ... UNFINISHED - bookring
  9) Lucky Man: A Memoir by Michael J. Fox ... READ - RABCK from daffodil-2   :)
  8) Nip the Buds, Shoot the Kids by Kenzaburo Oe ... GAVE UP, for now; too glum to read right now - bookray
  7) Matched by Ally Condie ... READ - RABCK from wal-89 :)
  6) The Sandman: Fables and Reflections by Neil Gaiman ... READ - book spiral
  5) Twisted Window by Lois Duncan ... READ
  4) Switched (Fear Street, No. 31) by R. L. Stine ... READ
  3) The Angel's Game by Carlos Ruiz Zafón ... READ - RABCK from KiwiinEngland :)
  2) All She Was Worth by Miyuki Miyabe ... READ - bookray
  1) Grrl Alex: A Personal Journey to a Transgender Identity by Alex Drummond ... READ - bookray

Booklist for 2012:
24) Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass
      by Lewis Carroll ... READ - RABCK from ApoloniaX :) ***
23) Dark Places by Gillian Flynn ... READ - bookring *
22) Howl's Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones ... READ - bookring
21) Heat Wave by "Richard Castle" ... READ
20) I Am the Messenger by Mark Zusak ... READ - RABCK from my friend Crizzpy   :)
19) Room by Emma Donoghue ... READ - RABCK from hon-no-tomo :)
18) The Sandman Vol. 5: A Game of You by Neil Gaiman ... READ - bookring spiral
17) Kafka on the Shore by Haruki Murakami ... ABANDONED - bookray
16) The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets' Nest by Stieg Larsson ... READ - bookray spiral
15) The Girl Who Played with Fire by Stieg Larsson ... READ - bookray spiral
14) The Help by Kathryn Stockett ... READ
13) V for Vendetta: New Edition by Alan Moore, David Lloyd ... READ - bookray
12) Cross Lines by Maeve Binchy ... READ - bookray
11) Dark Matter by Greg Iles ... READ - RABCK from star69 :)
10) The Sandman Vol. 4 by Neil Gaiman ... READ - bookring spiral
  9) The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson ... READ - bookray spiral
  8) Big Fish (movie tie-in): A Novel of Mythic Proportions by Daniel Wallace ... READ
  7) The Day I Swapped My Dad for Two Goldfish by Neil Gaiman ... READ - wishlist-tag
  6) The Reluctant Fundamentalist by Mohsin Hamid ... READ - WorldBookNight RABCK from kinedi   :)
  5) The Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd ... READ - The Flora and Fauna VBB
  4) Un Lun Dun by China Mieville ... READ
  3) Freaconomics by Steven D. Levitt & Stephen J. Dubner ... READ - non-fic VBB
  2) The Unconsoled by Kazuo Ishiguro ... READ - RABCK from marsala   :)
  1) Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff... by Christopher Moore ... READ - bookray

Booklist for 2011:
37) Chasing the Falconers (On the Run 1) by Gordon Korman ... READ - book spiral
36) The Sandman Vol. 3 by Neil Gaiman ... READ - bookring
35) A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess ... READ - RABCK from ghir   :)
34) Creatures of the Night by Neil Gaiman & Michael Zulli ... READ - bookring
33) Word Nerd by Susin Nielsen ... READ - bookray
32) Ako ostanem by Gayle Forman ... READ
31) Children of the dust by Lousie Lawrence ... READ
30) The Small Hand by Susan Hill ... READ
29) Garfield - This is Your Life by Jim Davis ... READ - RABCK from JPix :)
28) Surviving Galeras by Stanley Williams ... READ - Volcanic bookray **
27) Stiff: The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers by Mary Roach ... READ - RABCK from BSAChris :) **
26) 31 Dream Street by Lisa Jewell ... READ - bookray
25) Have Space Suit - Will Travel by Robert A. Heinlein ... READ - bookray
24) The Sandman Vol. 2 by Neil Gaiman ... READ - bookring
23) The Painted Veil by W. Somerset Maugham ... READ - Never Won a Sweepstake, from jules5 :)
22) Lucky by Alice Sebold ... READ - bookray **
21) Bennie Black Lamb by Unknown Author ... READ - RABCK from maju30 :)
20) The Butterfly Lion by Michael Morpurgo ... READ - Never Won a Sweepstake, from hakkalina :)
19) Odd and the Frost Giants by Neil Gaiman ... READ - bookray
18) Friends from Philadelphia and Other Stories (Penguin 60s)
      by John Updike ... READ - Never Won a Sweepstake, from jules5 :)
17) Of Mice and Men (Penguin Classics) by John Steinbeck ... READ
16) Trash by Andy Mulligan ... READ - for work
15) Psychic Cats by Theresa Cheung ... READ - bookray
14) Leopard Rock by Tarras Wilding ... READ
13) The Death and Life of Charlie St. Cloud by Ben Sherwood ... READ - bookray
12) Bad Karma by David Safier ... READ - bookray
11) The Sandman Vol. 1: Preludes and Nocturnes by Neil Gaiman ... READ - book spiral
10) Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn ... READ - bookray *
  9) Breakfast at Tiffany's by Truman Capote ... READ - bookray
  8) Mr. Quiet by Roger Hargreaves ... READ - RABCK from Bloedengel :)
  7) The Joy of Shaun by Aardman Animation ... READ - RABCK from hakkalina :)
  6) Shutter Island by Dennis Lehane ... READ - bookring *
  5) Interview with the Vampire by Anne Rice ... READ - bookray
  4) Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury ... READ - bookring
  3) The Diving Bell and the Butterfly by Jean-Dominique Bauby ... READ ***
  2) Lilac Bus by Maeve Binchy ... READ - bookswap with Into-the-Blue *
  1) InterWorld by Neil Gaiman & Michael Raves ... READ

I'm in a dystopian phase, so here's a dystopian list of sorts, of the books I've read
and those I'd like to get my hands on. Any new recommendations welcome. :)

Nineteen Eighty-Four by George Orwell … READ
I Am Legend by Richard Matheson … READ
Animal Farm by George Orwell … READ
Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro … READ
Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury … READ - bookring
A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess … READ
V for Vendetta: New Edition by Alan Moore, David Lloyd … READ - bookray
Matched by Ally Condie … READ
Fourth Realm Trilogy by John Twelve Hawks … READ - RABCK from 4evagreen :)
  1) The Traveler (The Traveller in the UK)
  2) The Dark River
  3) The Golden City

Neuromancer by William Gibson … TBR - PC (?)
The Road by Cormac McCarthy … TBR - RABCK from ravencat
World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War by Max Brooks … TBR - Never Won a Sweepstake, from redfox5 :)
Lord of the Flies by William Golding … TBR
A Canticle for Leibowitz by Walter M. Miller, Jr. … TBR - RABCK from JPix :)
Blindness by José Saramago … TBR - RABCK from Nakipa & nismo :)
Brave New World by Aldous Huxley … TBR - RABCK from Moem :)
Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? by Philip K. Dick … TBR - RABCK from judygreeneyes   :)
The Sheep Look Up by John Brunner … TBR - RABCK from Diabetes-3136   :)
Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson … TBR - RABCK from quietorchid   :)
This Perfect Day by Ira Levin … TBR - RABCK from maid-of-kent   :)
The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood … TBR - RABCK from frutz   :)
The Diamond Age, or A Young Lady’s Illustrated Primer by Neal Stephenson … TBR - RABCK from greenbadger   :)


Blind Faith by Ben Elton
The Bar Code Tattoo by Suzanne Weyn
The Bar Code Rebellion by Suzanne Weyn


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