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Raahe, Pohjois-Pohjanmaa Finland


Wednesday, November 22, 2006

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I'm a booklover since childhood. Nowadays I read almost everything. Many of my favorite books are historic novels, teenagers' books, crime stories, mysteries or psychological novels. During the past few years I've started to read fantasy and scifi too. My shelf consists mainly of Finnish books, but I'm trying to read more in Swedish and English. Feel free to send a PM if you are interested in something in my TBR or AVL shelves.

As I don't know specific titles, I tell here that I'm interested in all kinds of books related to:
- breastfeeding (handbooks, selfhelp, medical/scientific books),
- information security,
- manga and anime, Japan as a country and Japanese as a language (for my daughter) and
- spanish studies: for eg. any children's book in that language is warmly welcomed.

In the real life, I share my bookshelf with my 14 yo daughter SarkkuP, and if you find something interesting in her shelf, please contact me.

My email is "my-bc-nick dot bc at gmail dot com". You can ask my postal address straight from me. If you want to surprise me, contact Taavina or Arjamaaria. They can also give you my phone number, in case you need it for SmartPost or other mailing service.

If you want to remember me with something else than a book, feel free to send me things like:
- postcards or letters - it's always nicer to get these than bills :D
- letter pads, envelopes, post-it-noteblocks, empty postcards, bc-labels & stickers, stickers with my postal address
- anything moose and reindeer related
- reflectors (it's dark here in wintertime and I don't want me or my loved ones to get hit by a car)
- sweets and chocolate (but not any kind of nuts, please)
- K-fee capsules (would be nice to test new tastes), tea bags
- yarn (I knit for charity)
- a surprise
Recycled, second-hand things are very welcome.

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