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Please forgive me for not journaling some of the books I recieved in the mail from bookcrossing members I have been so busy with clearing land and now packing things, that my husband was helping and he packed the books without realizing I needed to journal them before packing the books Please forgive me and I will journal as soon as we get settled and unpacked we have a million and one boxes sorry.
as I am finding it hard to get back on the computer to journal books or should I say books I have read.
As soon as things settle down and we get packed and moved and with my ex motherin law with cancer and my mom very sick up North.
I will put the books on this site and if you find a book you want please email me for I no longer will be coming to this site.
The books I have not yet journaled will be as soon as I unpack sorry for any inconvience I have caused you all out there. Guess my best place to get books is at the book clubs. I did not expect to get so busy and to have my Mothers so ill. I'm usuaslly not busy guess this has been a different yr for me.
Again thanks and will journal them as soon as they come out of boxesand I will be putting mine up for adotion too and they will be let go to whom ever wants them. Thanks for being nice enough to share your books. I'm sure they will find good homes else where.

I love to read and stay up late some times reading and that is a no no I get up at 3am for work. But reading helps me relax and gives me something to think about and or puts a smile on my face and love to smile less muscles to use.
I love my puppy as he sits on my feet while I read or I sit on the Floor with him by my side.
I love all kind of books and find that sometimes when a friend gives me a book I find new authors and very good reading that I would not have picked up.
I hope this helps to broaden my book reading.
As I am into massage books trigger point etc. of all kind any one that can help me find some good books that way I'd be thrilled.
Have you every just picked up a book because of it's cover??? Well let me tell you, my friends and I went to the book store and they go why don't you just buy a book for it's cover I laughed at them and then out of the blue I decided just to go and pick up a book because I liked the cover it had horses running by the water since I like both horses and ocean (water)they couldn't believe I did that usually I have to read the front and back flap but I just picked it up and paid for it and WOW what a book it kept me on the edge of my chair until the very end. The author is not one I ever read and I really enjoyed the book so much I could NOT put it down (good thing I was on vacation :) ) I lent the book out to different friends and they all liked the book. So I pick up some of my books just because of the cover. I have NEVER been sorry they all have been very interesting. wish I heard of bookcrossing then, maybe I'd know if they found good homes.
I read as much as I can 2-4 books a week but when I am studing, I'm and OLD STUDENT at my school so it takes me awhile.
May God guide you to some good reading
Happy reading everyone

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