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From Portsmouth, Hampshire United Kingdom

Age 37

Joined Friday, March 24, 2006

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I have a Facebook group for Bookcrossers in Hampshire. Please feel free to join:

I am on Twitter under the name of MissTimeBunny and on YouTube as Time Bunny (you may have to search for TimeBunny123).

If you wish to PM me, please either do so via my private Facebook page (link at the top of my profile) or email me directly on

The books I register are not necessarily a reflection of what I read. Sometimes I will pick up books from charity shops, library book sales and other sources - just to put on here. Or sometimes people might give me books they are finished with so that I can register them here. If you want to get an idea of what I like, refer to my wishlist.

I am open to sending books to people and doing trades. I never expect you to send me anything in return. If I have something registered as 'Available' that you would like, feel free to message me and I will most likely send it to you. Also, if you see something on my wishlist that you have and you want to send it to me, you are most welcome to do so.

I will register and release books as and when I get around to it. Due to other commitments in my life, I have no set deadline for registering and releasing books - it'll just be whenever I finish books, get around to registering and finding suitable release places.

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