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Thursday, October 24, 2002

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Dolls727 and I co-hosted the Great Summer Campground Challenge which ran from June 21st through the end of July, 2006. Click on the link to see the releases and prize winners.

I hosted my very first Challenge!! The Challenge is over and I am still working on the stats which will be posted soon.

UPDATE June, 2007: I am not currently looking for more books to send to Ukraine, due to the increase in overseas shipping costs.

YAY! Things are picking up! 4 more boxes of books have arrived at my friend's school in Ukraine in September, 2005. I think that they were all in one of the two missing m-bags and that there is still one more to be delivered, but I'm not sure. I will start packing up small packages of the remaining books that you all have donated and send them off a little at a time.

UPDATE: I've mailed about half of the books that I have collected for Ukraine so far, in 3 m-bags. Because I mailed them late, I sent them air-mail instead of surface, but only one m-bag (the last and smallest one) has actually arrived, despite the Post Office telling me they should be there months ago. My friend has asked me not to send the rest of the books until they figure out what the problem is and whether the first two shipments will be delivered. In the meantime, I am saving the books you all have sent and am awaiting word from the Ukraine as to when to mail the rest.

I am sending another m-bag, this time going to a friend in the Peace Corps in the Ukraine. Here is some information from my friend about what is needed:

Now that I think of it, we here could use an M-bag of books for the following purpose: to give away as "rewards" for students at our Institute who come to a certain number of English Club meetings during the course of the next school year. We would be giving them away in May 2005. Would this fit within the parameters of the BookCrossing project???

The students are aged 18-21 or so. Some of them definitely read sophisticated literary fiction--but we wouldn't be looking for that, but rather for easy recreational reading.

We could use readable, contemporary, fairly short popular fiction: John Grisham, Dick Francis, Sue Grafton, Sarah Graves, Stephen King (his books are long but people love him here), Agatha Christie (she's not contemporary but she's a real favorite here), Tony Hillerman, John D. MacDonald, Norah Roberts, Danielle Steel...

We don't need "new" books. As long as the books are intact and not awfully beat up, they will be appreciated. It will also be fine if the books have BookCrossing stickers. But can you put the stickers inside and not on the front covers?
I have received books from AnnaLibrarian, Antof9, Badgerjim, Barker-tx, Betsy-STL, Bonnie-Napoli, Bookczuk, Buttonbright, Caligula03, Ellenlyn, Etherea, FortyToo, Grace4truth, Hershey, Hotflash, Jamesmum, jdonahue1967, Kimberwolf, KML, Lovemylife, m1112, MarciNYC, MRJIGGS, Nik-the-Stik, Philomom, Reading-Dad, Siriradha, Staxman, Tabby-cat-owner, Vavoice, Wilderwoman, Wyldanthem, and Yvi-1. Thank you all so much!!

If you would like to contribute also, send me a PM for my mailing address. I will make a journal entry when they arrive here, I don't know if they will be journaled in the Ukraine. Thanks.

One of our local OBCZs is at the Flatbread (Pizza) Company, 72 Commercial St at the bottom of the Old Port in Portland, Maine. Flatbread Company is right on the waterfront and you can watch ships in the harbor. They have a wonderful
philosophy of giving back to the community and sponsor many benefits there where a portion of the price of each pizza is donated to a local non-profit during certain hours. The pizzas are baked in a “primitive wood-fired clay oven” and, like all their offerings, are organic and natural.

Flatbread is right next to the Casco Bay Ferry Terminal Public Parking Garage, in case you can’t find parking on-street. You can't see Flatbread from Commercial Street--it is directly behind Ri-Ra's. To see releases at this location check here:

Another OBCZ is at Panera Bread, the Shops at Biddeford Crossing, Rt 111, Biddeford, Maine, where the books are kept in a basket near the fireplace. Te see releases left at this location, check here:

And our newest OBCZ in the area is at Chowderhead's Seafood Restaurant, Oak Hill Plaza, Scarborough, Maine, at the intersection of Rts 1 and 114, where the food is soooo yummy! We currently leave books on the windowsill at Chowderhead's. To see releases here, check at:

At any of these locations, please tell the manager or staff person that you
came in because of the OBCZ.

Several kind individuals have sent supplies of books to help stock our local OBCZs, including Awakeagain, Bhuri, BOOKWORMINUSALLL, cmbohn, Czersk, Firegirl, HunterRyu, LettersCafe, MarysGirl, momofap, Seajack, SecurityBlanket, Shroffland, sp4home, svoight, tabby-cat-owner, and vraciousrdr. Thank you very much for your contributions!!!

I just got a book that sounds perfect for an International BookRing Women Who Love Books Too Much: Bibliophiles, Bluestockings & Prolific Pens so I am starting to take names even though it won't be going out for a little while since I haven't read it yet. Send me a PM if you want to go on the list.

A new BookRing for The Dance of Trees which was written by BookCrosser tags started on its way on August 10th, 2004. To read the journal entries, see where it's been and where it's going, click here. And to check out her The Dance of Trees website, click here. Send me a PM if you would like to join the BookRing. The more the merrier.

By popular demand, Cat Haiku will be heading out on another international BookRing in April, 2005. Send me a PM to sign up for the second round.

My first BookRing was a small hardcover book called Cat Haiku. It left in June, 2003 and arrived home safe and sound with many tales to tell in April, 2004. To see where it traveled, click here.

I am having a lot of fun playing in the Release Challenges Forum. Come join me there. Release Challenges are a creative and enjoyable way to do more wild releasing!

The books on my bookshelf don't necessarily reflect my taste in reading as most I've obtained just for BookCrossing.

And just a warning to those who ask for my books and have allergies: there is quite likely cat fur lurking around on my books, so "buyer" beware.

I collected books from other BookCrossers to send in an m-bag to jiluah in Iran (mostly romances and some books for her 2-year old son). In addition to the books I put in, I received books from Valkyrie119, Fruitbat, Banana-slug, Casseytara, Caligula03, Rrravenita, ThanksMom, daidy, cmystery and therubycanary. Thank you very much to all those who contributed books to this project! This m-bag was mailed December 5th, 2003, and finally arrived in Iran on April 8th, 2004!!!

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