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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

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Christmas surprise package from Efell/ Eva from Austria:

Christmas in January: I received a package from a BookCrossing friend today & was totally amazed! Thank you Eva/Efell for a beautiful & surprise package. It contained a huge variety of things: 2 boxes of tea (Christmas/Weihnachts & In The Mountains/Huttenzauber), 2 books (Where Three Roads Meet & The Icelandic Yuletide Lads), lots of German chocolate & chocolate gingerbread cookies, homemade bookcrossing labels but the best gifts were the ones she sewed: a Christmas book cover, Christmas tree & star ornaments, a burlap Christmas stocking, a beautiful scarf & bag, & a case made from a tie. Also she made 3 bell ornaments from k-cups. Very resourceful and very personal! I am amazed!! Above is a picture.


I love to read and have been leaving my books at places (after I read them)for years. I had no idea there were others like me.
I have been married 38 years, 4 adult kids. I have 2 grandsons;Kaden & Tristan, a granddaughter; Zoey Ela.
We also a boxer, male, Gizmo.


Sheila M. Chin

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Starbuck's coffee and a book is all I need to be happy. And I always have a book with me!!
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