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From Jyväskylä, Keski-Suomi / Mellersta Finland Finland

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Welcome to my BC bookshelf!

I'm not too particular about my BC collection's content and I believe every book is waiting for the right reader.


Tervetuloa tutkimaan BC-kirjahyllyäni!

Lisäilen BC-hyllyyni kaikenlaisia opuksia, enkä ole nökönuuka kokoelmani laadun suhteen - kaikilla kirjoilla on lukijansa jossakin.


Looking for a place to release your science ficion, fantasy, horror and science books and graphic novels? Come to a Finnish sf/fantasy convention!

There are dozens of Finnish conventions to choose from. Some require a purchased ticket or a membership fee, others are free of charge, but all are run by the fans for the fans and are great for meeting like-minded people. See ConCon event calendar for events.

Finncon is a Finnish annual/semi-annual event focusing on science fiction and fantasy literature and it gathers thousands of visitors from Finland and abroad. Finncon is free of charge.

Come and join us!

Worldcon 75, Helsinki, Finland
9.-13.8. 2017 at the Helsinki Expo and Convention Centre

Finncon 2018, Turku, Finland
14.-15.7. 2018 (most likely) at University Campus

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