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From Yateley, Hampshire United Kingdom

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Welcome to my bookshelf!

There's not much to tell about me. I'm an avid reader and huge fan of sharing my books through bookcrossing. I'm married to another bookcrosser, PrefersComics. His taste is mostly science fiction so we don't argue over books. Apart from sci-fi, I'll read most anything I can get my hands on. The back of cereal packets, lists of ingredients, you know the sort of thing.

I discovered bookcrossing when I was living in France, and found a bookcrossing book called The Reader, in english - it seemed that it had been left just for me to find!

My sister is a bookcrosser too and goes by the name of TinyNudeWoman. She lives in Seattle with her hubby and the gorgeous TinyNudeBaby. If you see her over there be nice to her!

In my picture I'm sporting the tiara of the tiara sweepstake fame. I was the first winner of the tiara sweepstake in September 2004 and hence got to wear the tiara until it was time to pull out the name of the winner of the second sweepstake and pass the headgear on to them. My little helper is Shiraz and he provided moral encouragement with the draw but couldn't help much otherwise as he found it too fiddly with his small paws.




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