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Friday, August 15, 2003

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Extended Profile

My alter ego, overthemoon on flickr and on LibraryThing.
On bookcrossing I used to be silentmiaouw.

BC Convention, Oxford, 10th - 12th April 2015
My first convention!

My most viewed pic on flickr:
it's raining books!

"You are not making a gift of what is yours to a poor man, but you are giving him back what is his. You have been appropriating things that are meant to be for the common use of everyone. The earth belongs to everyone, not to the rich." St. Ambrose from Populorum Progressio #23

" is pleasure, after all, that should always be our guide. If we ever find ourselves turning the pages dutifully, because the text is prestigious or might do us good, it is surely time to stop, cut our losses - and read something else." Matthew Reisz in A Booklover's Companion

Me, in a nutshell:
Spent childhood and adolescence near Middlesbrough, at a time when it was still in Yorkshire. I could read before I started school and have never stopped. Studied French in Wales (from 1966). Married in 1969 and moved to Lausanne, Switzerland, in 1970. I worked in publishing for around 40 years, mainly as managing editor in a small multi-lingual company publishing travel guides. Update 2015: my husband died in August 2013; I retired November 2013 and moved from Vevey to Lausanne in May 2014, to live closer to my sons and grandchildren.


Note: I gave up trying to keep these lists up to date long ago, and put an end to RABKs, rays and rings when postage became too prohibitive. Some of the books below are floating around in the ether.

Bookrays/rings I've signed up for:
- 1972Galadriel Artemis Fowl (read and passed on)
- tintti The Elusive Truffle (read and passed on)
- Hero Griffin and Sabine (read and passed on)
- bookmaniac70 Stones from the River (read and passed on)
- mawolf Sabines Entscheidung (read and passed on)
- lindlec Eats, shoots and leaves (read and passed on)
- deenbat When the Legends Die (read and returned)
- tweesty La Grammaire est une chanson douce(read and passed on)
- scruinize Mme Bâ(read and passed on)
- rachels-ratty Walk in the Woods (read and passed on)
- folia Un dimanche à la piscine à Kigali (read and passed on)
- newk Time Traveller'sWife (read and passed on)
- latulu Le ventre de l'Atlantique (read and passed on)
- zmrzlina Krakatoa (read and passed on)
- Ada2 Tree of Man (finished: available)
- havfaith I & Claudius (read and passed on)
- lesezeichen The Sunday Philosophy Club (read and passed on)
- nice-cup-of-tea Therapy (read and passed on)
- florafloraflora The Orchid Thief (read and passed on)
- gizmopuddy Shadow of the Wind (read and passed on)
- LaTordue Ma vie avec Mozart (read and passed on)
- jessibud Q's legacy(read and passed on)
- -lo- Coraline (read and put into bookbox)
- safrolistics The Accomplice (read, passed on)
- chrisim Courrier de Finlande (received 27.4, finished, passed on)
- jessibud The Pull of the Moon (read, sent on)
- TracyShannon Perdido Street Station (read, sent on)
- jessibud Colouring book(done, sent on)
- Elsita Menopaws(read, sent on)
- jessibud The Storyteller's Daughter (listened, sent on)
- -lo- Around Ireland with a Fridge (read and sent on)
- hunnyb Hey, Nostrdamus (read and sent on)
- sunneschi Remains of the Day (read and returned)
- sunneschi High Fidelity (read and returned)
- Minerva101 Birdwing (read and passed on)
- hotflash Ordinary Life (read and passed on)
- AnnevO How to travel with a salmon (read and passed on)
- teuffi Embers (read and passed on)
- miketroll Mapp and Lucia trilogy (received, read and released)

still waiting for these, which seem to be stuck, lost or slowly making their way towards me:
- komowkwa hand-made book
- nzgoddess quilt block
- annulla I wouldn't thank you for a valentine
- CatrionaMacLeod Friends diary
- cornelie23 Vargas
- matindautomne WerberESRA
- bragard ring gourmand
- mosava Adieu mon unique
- Cyberkedi Joy of Pi
- morsecode Reading Lolita in Teheran
- bookczuk Haiku U

and those I've organized:
- Driving over Lemons (international bookray)
- Juggernaut (international bookring)
- An Omelette and a Glass of Wine (international bookring)
- Water Music (French bookray)
- The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time (international bookring)
- Doña Flor and her Two Husbands (international bookray)
- Mr Pye (bookray - lost in mail between Denmark and Portugal)
- Amours sauvages (European bookring)
- Bookbox suisse romande - has been stuck for years
- Wanderers of Time and The Secret People, ancient Wyndhams forwards and backwards bookray
- Rouge Brésil(European bookring)
- A Parrot in the Pepper Tree (international bookray)
- L'Abyssin by Jean-Christophe Rufin - Europe (heavy book): still open
- Sauver Ispahan by Jean-Christophe Rufin - Europe (heavy): still open
- Their Eyes Were Watching God by Zora Neale Hurston (international bookray)
- The Bookseller of Kabul by Asne Seierstad (international bookray)

RABCKs and trades: (have stopped listing these)
- The Neverending Story to tit-vinz
- Dissection du Mariage to tit-vinz
- L'homme aux cercles bleus to -ma-
- Life of Pi to tweesty (lost in mail and kindly replaced by seanan )
- Skinny legs and all, and Still-life with Woodpecker, traded with therubycanary for Jitterbug Perfume
- La Stratégie Ender to mrrr
- Woman in White to fsr44
- Les Honneurs Perdus to charlotte31
- The Story of Lucy Gault to SwissShark
- Rowan knitting magazines to Lisa-B
- Cows Cows Cows Journal to XLonelyGuy
- Stories of Eva Luna, Of Love and Shadows,and Le Petit Livre des Jours, traded with matindautomne for Jonathan Livingstone(these seem to be lost in the post; if anyone could replace, please send me a PM)
- Eucalyptus to newk(my 444th registered book for a special numbers bookbox)
- The Revenge of the Middle-Aged Woman and Fall on Your Knees to nikel27
- Middlesex to buchsuch
- Pandora to Wickedwordz
- Sons of Fortune to dschinny
- How to trace your convict ancestors to FamFatale
- Australian Wines to Nik-the-Stik
- Perfume to twilightsense
- Dos and Taboos to GlitterLover traded for Tales of the City
- Johne Donne and Henry Sugar to TaduKhipa
- Angela's Ashes to tamsine traded for A Handmaid's Tale
- The Bull from The Sea to quico
- Out of Africa to lovemylife (sweepstake prizewinner US)
- The Moonstone to mastulela (sweepstake prizewinner UK)
- Flowers on the grass to kayjay33 (sweepstake runner-up)
- Don't Look Now to morvai99
- Memoirs of a Geisha to pixelprince
- Felidae to nigel-vivian

Special New Year 2004 RABCK:
- Bestiary (Folio Society) from my private collection to mojosmom

Leap year RABCKs:
January 2004 Breads to penzy
February 2004 100 Best Paintings to secretariat
March 2004 Poems of Love to bookczuk
April 2004 Le Livre d'Or du Haikai to markmera
May 2004 Cooking for Occasions to twiggywig
June 2004 Travels in France and Italy to redhouse
July 2004 Hot Stuff to saladoor
August 2004 Superfoods Diet to crestfallen
September 2004 A Vous la France to FamFatale
October 2004 Streets of San Francisco to kanapoutz
November 2004 How to see Fairies to hfitz5051 (plus Moon Lady, Enchanted World, Brambly Hedge Treasury, Peter Pan and When We Were Very Young to runners-up)
December 2004 something from her wishlist to Gothvamp

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