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From Lansdale, Pennsylvania USA

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4 weeksall time
books registered 2 6,246
released in the wild 78 4,558
controlled releases 5 2,184
releases caught 2 503
controlled releases caught 5 1,354
books found 2 1,862
tell-a-friend referrals 0 9
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forum posts 77 11,165

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Last updated January 28, 2017.

I'm also on LibraryThing.

My available books do not necessarily reflect my reading tastes. I get books via various coworkers, book sales, etc. and participate heavily in release challenges. I also stock one official and two unofficial OBCZs. Stock for those sites is welcome, but the catch rate with j/e's is miniscule.

To get a surprise rabck, make sure your wishlist is updated!

Book Things
Mt TBR is down to 1742 and I'm trying to keep it that way.
The TBR books are split between "To Be Read" (non-romances) and "Reserved" (romances) on this site.
LibraryThing has the more accurate list of what I have (and what I have read) since I include the e-books there.

2017 Goals

2017 Countries visited in books

2017 Year Long Challenges
Rabck challenge (release challenges)
Quarterly SIY reading challenge (book talk)
Monthly readathons (book talk)
Pages read - goal 75,000 (book talk)
Read TBRs goal 125 (release challenges)
Keep them Moving aka KTM (release challenges)
3 wild releases a week (release challenges)
NJABBIC (release challenges)
Plum's monthly what to read (book talk)
Multi-year states reading challenge (book talk)
Reading around the world 666 challenge (book talk)
Canadian Provinces (book talk)
A-Z authors (book talk)
Canadian authors (book talk)
efell's Journeys (book talk)

Limited Time Challenges
SOAP (January)
Backyard Birds (February)
Food & Wine (Feb-March)
Becky's Hugs (February)
Valentine's (February)
HSKT (February)
4 Elements: Earth, Air, Fire, Water (March)
Oh, The Places We Can Go (March)
April Showers/May Flowers (April/May)
June Brides
Canada days (June)
Christmas in July
Senses (July)
One Word (August)
Travel (August/Sept)
Talk like a Pirate (Sept)
Sapphire (Sept)
Wild Animal (Sept)
Tick Tock (October)
Spooktacular (October)
e-less title (November)
the "the" challenge (November)
What's in a Name (December)
D is for December
December Christmas challenge

Helpful Links
Random Acts of Bookcrossing Kindness (rabck)
Famous books set in 50 states
YA Books set in 50 states
books set in every country
Novelists by nationality
Find Authors by Country
Brooklyn Magazine's best book in every state
Novels set in different time periods

Labels Search for User Created Labels
These links may or may not work, as sites move all the time. The links were valid on 9/9/13.
Borina's labels
PDF of Bally labels
WanderingWord's assortment of genre labels, also check the tabs for other labels on this site
Grubsneerg's BlogSpot for labels (use "actual size" when printing the PDFs to get them to line up on the label paper)
Pirate labels
English labels
James UK's links
Myranya's labels

My links for what I signed up for
Letters of a Woman Homesteader link
Devil-Devil Solomon Islands bookray
Cereus Blooms bookray
WaterNixie's Potpourri Bookbox
MaryZee's Bio of Things Bookbox
Erishkigal's Wild Thing Bookbox
Ongoing is ABC titles and ABC authors bookrings hosted by IWillRejoice

Some book stats
2009: 318 books read
2010: 222 books read
2011: 211 books read
2012: 238 books read
2013: 308 books read: 85,259 pages and 151 TBRs
2014: 278 books read: 77,117 pages and 146 TBRs
2015: 211 books read; 61,423 pages and 145 were TBRs (88 registered by others)
2016: 215 books read; 62,609 pages and 165 were TBRs (87 registered by others)

Books Read Reviews
All books (including library books, and e-books) reviewed on LibraryThing here (for 2013 - present)

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