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I'm still new to bookcrossing (wrote this on the eve of releasing my first book using BC) and i have to admit that if there is one thing that i have always been greedy with it is releasing my books. No,actually thats not true, i love sending my guest on their ways loaded with pilles and pilles of my books on their poor backs but giving books to strangers, without knowing if they will take good care of them.. :-(

I hear there are some non-booklovers in this world you know...

Well, lets hope thats just a fairy tale to frighten small children...

Anything else to tell? O yes, I love reading (duh!) and i am always on the lookout for anything with letters in it that i can read.. (well, almost anything) Suggestions are welcome!

PS When I first made this profile I traveled every other week, hence my profile name and this rather lame map. These days most of my travel is in books which anyway is probably better for the ozone layer and all of that.

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