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From Göteborg, Västergötland Sweden

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Hi everyone! I... Ummmm. I love books. I guess you could figure that one out. I am a nerd (you did NOT see that one coming, did you?) I read alot of books and some comics, watch alot of telly, play boardgames, roleplay (mutant - undergångengens arvtagare) and soon maybe dragons and demons, a swedish kind of dnd but the rulebook and system is very different. Other then that I larp from time to time, visit the museums and opera house in Göteborg and write letters, I am a member on Lettermo.

Before I got pregnant my husband, drosphilist, and I used to go geocaching alot. We will keep on doing that after offspring one is born. I can be very social in periods and I love meeting new ppl, so If you find yourself in Göteborg I would love to meet you.

When it comes to books I had a long period of reading harliquin historical romance. Then I read alot of classics, YA and got stuck in fantasy land. Now I read almost anything, except crime fiction and bios.

I am also on goodreads, so you can find me there 😄

Ask me something If you want to. 😀��📖

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