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BookCrossing is fantastic! I never imagined I'd have so much fun with a book! Ever since I joined BookCrossing in the summer of 2003, I have learned so much and met some really fantastic people! I hope that some day I can create an official crossing zone somewhere. Until then I will have fun registering and releasing books here at school, close to home, and everywhere in between.

About my tastes. I like a lot of different things, but mostly romance fantasy or mystery. I don't like trashy romances either. I like the kind that is folded or woven into a good plot. One example, and probably my all time favorite book, is Be Still My Heart, by Patricia Hermes. I loved that book. It was the story of a girl who, falls in love, is crushed when her favorite teacher contracts AIDS, and struggles to reject social expectations surrounding high school cliques. It was really a fantastic book.

I also read Forever, by Judy Blume. Wow. That was also a fantastic story about virginity, sex, and moving on.
In Forever, the main character realizes the sacrifice she has made when she gives up her virginity to a boy she has fallen for. She also realizes however that, even though she has sacrificed something so valuable, her relationship with him is not the valuable thing she thought it would be. I love the confidence, strength and independence of the girl in this story though. It is not written like a trgedy, but as a genuine sincere experience deliberately provocative and gently moving. I really liked it too.

So those are the kinds of books I like. If you have anything like those let me know! I would love to trade with you! I also like making new friends through BookCrossing, so message me if you just want to chat. Thanks and keep reading!

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My Wish List

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