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From Trimley St Mary, Suffolk United Kingdom

Age 71

Joined Tuesday, August 26, 2003

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I have been married for 40 years to the same man! Mother of two grown up and married sons.
Grandmother to Luke,Tom,Ellie and Sam.... for God's sake, how can I be that old!
I have retired from my job as pharmacy technician but still do occasional days as a locum.
Love my family, my cats, entertaining friends, eating drinking, cooking, dancing, birdwatching, walking, travel.....oh and reading of course! Never seem to be enough hours in the day.

In my slightly obsessive fashion I have registered all of the books in the house although some were my husbands. Having got fed-up with his books cluttering my shelf he now has his own bookshelf
MrRedhouse .
Since the changeover however he has become disenchanted with bookcrossing so I have taken over his shelf. If anything there takes your fancy please contact me.

I really love to trade and will do so anywhere in the world. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you want to do a deal. However although I do send out lots of RABCK's they are what they say and I don't respond to PM's of the 'give me' school.
Want a TBR? Just ask and I'll move it to the top of the pile, although you may have to wait.
My permanent collection is just that, but I would be happy to loan anything to known and trusted bookcrossers,
If there's anything you really want just ask!

I usually send books air mail, but outside of Europe I do sometimes use surface mail, it depends on the finances at the time, and the weight of the book.
I will mail anywhere on the planet.

I have also recently discovered Read It Swap It and a lot of my availables are being traded on that site. However every book that leaves my shelves and every book that arrives here is first registered on this site. I figure that trading is like wild releasing, only you are probably more likely to get a journal entry and who knows even new members :)

I am registered on but still under the name redhouse, because I can't seem to get it changed.

My Truly Wild Catches

Raney :-Picked up before I even got home to make release notes!
A Free Woman:- Left in Puccini's cafe bar, now, alas closed because the planning officers in Suffolk Coastal are mad
Heartburn :- Caught after releasing following my first ever meet=up
While I Was Gone:- Left in Visitors centre at RSPB Minsmere
A Walk In The Woods:- This one took a taxi ride!
Make Death Love Me:- from Sutton Hoo to Newcastle
Big Stone Gap:- on bench outside post office
Gallowglass:- in a coffee shop in Bakewell
Cats Whisker: In holday flat in Whitby
Encounters With Animals:- Got onto a train all by itself!
Mash Goes To Paris:- A very surprising one. I left this on one of the shelves in the supermarket where I work and it turned up in Sydney Australia!
The Long Firm:- Another one that was picked up almost as soon as I left it.
Village Matters :- A double jumper! Picked up once in Felixstowe and again In Mallorca
Stickleback:- from the bus stop round the corner. I've left a few books there and this is the first that was journalled
Kramer vs Kramer :-Caught read and released again.
The Mayor Of Casterbridge released for the same challenge as above
Wycliffe's Wild Goose Chase :- released whilst on holiday in Devon as part of a release challenge
Sea Leopard :- second book caught from the above challenge
Adrian Mole, The Cappucino Years caught by another bookcrosser
Bee Season Fourth catch from the Animal Release Challenge
The Crow Biddy Fifth catch for the Animal RElease Challenge. Caught by a new bookcrosser.
A Summer BirdCage Sixth catch for this challenge and a new member!
The Story Of You At last a catch after a long dry spell.
London Bridges Good catch, a new and enthusiastic member
The Day Of The Butterfly A holiday release caught after more than 3 years!
The Last Templar One of the few books I have left at work that has been journalled
From The Cottage Garden Second catch in a week! Things are looking up :)
A Lifes Work: Becoming A Mother (Released for Ultimate Challenge 2009 and caught aftger only 2 days in the wild!)
September (exactly the same as above!)
Songs of the Humpbacked Whale Left and found at The Suffolk Food Hall.
An Inheritance Left with the above book and both were caught------- by different people.
A Party in San Niccolo Left in M&S now it's in Gran Canaria!
Casting Off A catch and a new member!

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