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This website is actually for the Gemstones, related to the horoscopes which are useful or harmful. This website is also to buy natural gemstones online.
Since time immemorial, the beauty and mystique of gemstones has enchanted all the mankind. Man has worn gemstones to gain fortune, health and protection. However, selection of the correct gemstone can be tricky. This report is based on the time-tested principles of Vedic Astrology and Gemology, and will solve our dilemma. It will help us in identifying our gemstone(s) and gemstone combination as well.
The Jyotish Gemstone Consultation Report analyses several charts based on our birth date (essentially date, place and time of birth) to zero in onto our correct gemstones. A suitable gemstone can ensure focus and concentration, create wealth, beget career gains and give us a reservoir of strength to counter the ill-effects of malefic and adverse planetary periods. Choosing a gemstone, simply on the basis of our sun sign/ moon sign, constellation (Nakshatra) numerological calculations, major planetary periods etc is not a wise strategy. This report will use the principles of Vedic Astrology and position of planets in our horoscope to determine our gemstone/ gemstones that will produce the most potent results for us.
For Example: In Cancer ascendant, Saturn is not an auspicious planet as it becomes the Lord of the 7th house of death and the 8th house of losses and accidents. In such a case, the gemstone of Saturn – the Blue Sapphire will prove to be harmful.
There are some precious gemstones on this website:
Ruby, Natural Pearl, Red Coral, Emerald, Yellow Sapphire, White Sapphire, Blue Sapphire, Hessonite, Cats Eye Etc. These special Gemstones are called as Jyotish Gemstones or Astrological Gemstones and are advised after a horoscope consultation. If the gemstone is indicated for you in the gemstone report you can easily buy gemstone online at Gemstoneuniverse.
This is website for online selling of gemstones in form of a ring or pendant. Website provides services of recommendation of gemstones. It uses principles of Vedic Astrology/Jyotish which is the traditional Hindu or India system of astronomy and astrology to recommend the gemstones that can have a positive impact on the individual. Or recommends gemstones for positive planets as per the chart/horoscope. Website doesn't provide free consultation, recommendation for gemstones or remedial measures. This tasks of gemstone report consultation is done by highly qualified consultants who have professional credentials from PGA/GIA - world class organizations besides having years of professional expertise. Which gemstone is good for some aspects of life variates from individual to individual and doesn't have same impact on two different people. It is crucial for professional recommendation for best usage of power of the gemstones. Some of efects of gemstones are: Balancing energy, harmony, universal love, excellent stone for dream recall and astral travel, courage, intellect, protection, joy, peace, beauty, prosperity...If you want to buy emerald online you are in the right place. This is one of the best places to Buy Gemstones Online In India. Astrological Gemstones are very powerful gemstones and give us happiness, health and wealth.

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