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I have been an avid reader as long as I can remember. I just can not go to sleep at night until I have read something. I can not sit on a bus or train unless I have something to desperation I once went into a church in the city to grab "something/anything to read" on the rather long bus journey home...even a church newsletter would do!

I instilled that same love of books and all things to be read with my two kids aged 21 and 23. They both devour books and since they could hold a book up, they have fallen asleep with a book on their chest!

So, my problem for some time now has been what to do with the vast number of books that we all collect. I have a real understanding of what my parents went through when I was living at home and why when I moved into my own home, over came my Dad with several boxes of books that I had refused to part with. At least Dad finally got to part with them!

I was so thrilled to read about BookCrossing in April 05. Apart from solving the burning issue in my house of what to do with all those book, I also loved the idea of actually releasing books. It feels amazing to leave them and I know that someone will pick them up and they can continue a journey that I just might be a part of.

I have had success leaving books at my daughter's netball courts on Saturday mornings. It is such a busy place with families and kids everywhere. Here I can leave them on a seat before her game and then I can usually manage to keep an eye on who picks them up....makes it hard to concentrate on the game though.

Hopefully my previously loved books will be loved by others and continue on their journey.

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