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Look at the things I can accomplish in my free time...and imagine what I could do if I devoted my powers to evil?

Hello all...I suppose like everyone else here, I love to read books...ah heck...words on paper. Just like I'm sure all ya'll out there, I have books everywhere in my house from floor to ceiling...Anyhow; I'm a graduate student working in education. I just discovered to my surprise {insert sarcasm here} that I have absolutely no room left for any of my required textbooks!!! Well, as my karma would have it...this is when I found out all about book crossing. Now I am freeing up loads of space for all my brand new books! This idea is a dream come true for me. I have always wanted to own a used bookstore…where people would feel comfortable in oversized, plush settees…witty and insightful discussions murmuring in the background…the smell of fresh, roasted coffee beans…cozy nooks with teas cozies (not even really sure what they are…but they sound nifty) and doilies strewn about the room…cats, weaving around the tops of the bookshelves...a sleeping canine curled up in a ball on the woven rug in front of a blazing fireplace...well… you catch my drift! (I hope) So instead of my “used bookstore” dream, my reality is…I introduce new people to the enjoyment I receive from books for (and get this...) FREE!!! So, anyhow, to make a looooong story somewhat shorter...I feel pretty good about freeing my old "friends" into the wild. Hopefully I will catch some new "friends" to pass on...

My Wish List big props to cliff1976 (just got started...and really I wish to read all books, but I will try to narrow it down a bit...)

I just found out my elven name is Nessa Isilrá (pretty ain't it?)

My Bookshelf is everything I'm giving away and does not necessarily reflect my personal tastes in books However I am one of those kind of people that must read every book I get my hands on....even if I don't like it...I'm not going to register the books that I plan to keep in my home...Please remember that I am a graduate student with NO INCOME so RABCKs are not possible right now…But it is amazing what you can accomplish with Birthday and Christmas money

One more thing...Please check out Books for Soliders Our men & women overseas need our support (and please remember that most of them do not want to be where they are, they are just following orders and doing their job), and I can't think of a better way for BXers to help, than by sending some of our books to them!!! So I am getting a bookbox to send over to Iraq, however I need some help...

Don’t forget the three “R”s: Read,Register and Release

Ciao…Shalom…Au revoir…Tot sien solank…Jäähyväiset... Adios…Aloha..Later ya’ll..." target="_blank"> width=124 height=175 border=0 alt="The WeatherPixie">

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