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If you fancy anything on my available list, PM me. I'm pretty happy to post out if you send me something in return. I have a wish list but I appreciate surprises. I do try and keep the wish lists up to date, so if you see something old on there I am still wishing for it!

I was a bookseller in a previous career and have acquired a taste for an awful lot of different things - so there are lots of ways to surprise me if you want to exchange - I enjoy SF and fantasy, crime and mysteries, chick lit, contemporary fiction and poetry probably more than other genres.

I used to quite like doing challenges, but these days I find it difficult to make the time for both releasing and updating the forum!

I've been bookcrossing for a few years and I'm still enjoying it! Although I seem to have less time to really do it justice. I don't have as much success (I got very excited with my first!) with wild releases as I would like, though I persist in trying. I think some books are magnetic, because when/if i do get a catch (after lots of disappearing books!) it seems to get released and caught again straight away. Weird!

As well as challenges I have occasionally done bookrings, bookrays and bookboxes, but i've been too busy lately to do those as much as in previous years. I go to the local meet very occasionally these days to move books on, pick up strange things (as my bookshelf will attest) and talk books. Like most bookcrossers my eyes are bigger than my reading belly when it comes to books, so I always have a large stack on my to be read shelves - in fact they are getting scarily precarious!

Having said that, I read somewhere between 2 and 5 books a week (Though these days some 0f these books are audio while I walk places) so my turn-over is pretty fast. But my work is quite demanding so I tend to read mainly trashy books as a relief. I do read a lot of books again, and sometimes even again! This means I dont move everything I read on. All the books I register though are moveable feasts, although I may be saving the odd one for a challenge or a particular friend.

It's a while since I reviewed my list of registered books, so some may have moved on even though it says I still have them, so sorry if you contact me in Ho-e and are disappointed.

I am a bit of a sad booky nerd! Books make me happy, they pretty much always have, but I guess on i'm not alone in this!!

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