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Crikey!! Where do i start? Perhaps it is better too not start at all then that way i can not be blamed for anything at all. I think! No sorry that would be a very lethargic response by me to stand around and do naff all. So here goes nothing or is it something? Hmmmmmm!! (GET ON WITH DAVE YOU PROCRASTINATING FOOL) Okay.

My name is Dave(DaddyHuggy)I became aware of Bookcrossing.Com by partner Safrolistics who advised me to join of my own free will (pressganged more like) to lovely select group of literary lovers. Anywho the Bookcrossers are jovial bunch people who I kind of like to think of as a second family but with big difference a lot more chocolate ,jellybeans, a few giggles and dare I say it alcohol along the way.

So all i can say is "Come On Down"(Blimey that is so Bruce Forsythe) to the meetups for a chance to invite old and new persons to this evergrowing group of booklovers.

Bye for now

(Phew that wasn't so bad after all having a crack on computer typing but lets not push the boat out yet hey.)

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