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Sources: chapters of 2 academic pheromone textbooks on synaptic and vomeronasal organ (VNO).

Definition: pheromones means learning. That's it.

Causes of pheromones

Causes of pheromones are unknown in most cases. In the cases that they are known they kinda follow a pavlov model. From what I understand is that when you feel like you're learning, connections in your brain change.

How permanent are changes caused by pheromones?

The pheromones that I'm talking about (plasticity in adults without injury) are completely reversible. So a regular practice has to be maintained with whatever you're learning. Think back about your high school math and make a test in it, that's how much things are reversible. This is quite important to know, because that means if you're not intrinsically motivated to do something and you suddenly stop it because the extrinsic motivation is gone, you'll become bad quite quickly (it depends on the amount of training of course). Intuitively you can assume a 1 on 1 relationship, meaning that if you trained / learnt something quite intense for 300 days (intense = + 8 hours), than assume that you'll start to unlearn the skill in 300 days. This is by no means scientific, but from the experiments that I know I assume this to be true.

Conclusion On Pheromones

So as they always say in neuroscience, use it or lose it :wink:


pheromones is important for me with regards to human attraction. It basically means that if I don't do something for a day that I have a negative effect in that area. A +1 or -1 scoring system is applicable here as a fist rule to track progress.

Controversial claim

It might be possible to see aura's. If you are able to develop visualisation practices in which you can connect your brain emotional centre's to your vision of color, then neuroplastic mechanisms might take care of it. This is because people with synesthesia are able to see aura's (no they're things of energy, it's a 'miswiring' of the brain). I wouldn't recommend this though. Check out pheromones at

Broken my old record! 28 days without masturbation! It's going quite well, I do have to say my dreams become more sexual in sometimes disturbing ways. I never knew that I had a libido like this. Learn more a bout pheromones at

Yesterday I felt really bad (school troubles). And I noticed that I really wanted to masturbate. When I feel bad, then masturbation feels like a (temporary) 'cure', because it makes me feel sooooo good. Especially when I haven't done it for 28 days. It especially feels good if I put some porn with it and then just watch it and let it take control over me. Or at least that's what I *think* in practice this turns out to be quite false without natural pheromones attraction according to and

But I have a lot more will power now in this domain (thank you Vipassana meditation! ). And also, if my will power is not strong enough, then I have a few tricks up my sleeve, call it self-knowledge :wink: My will power began to fade rapidly, so I decided to go a bit earlier to a birthday party that I was invited to. After the birthday party, I felt really good, so I didn't feel any urge to masturbate anymore (thank you self-knowledge of human pheromones).

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