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Greetings Folks,

I'm a voracious reader (and chronically insomniac if I may add. You get to read lots of interesting stuff because of that!) and have amassed quite a substantial collection of books - some good, some bad, and some acrobatically ugsome. But I love them all. It is quite a daunting task to have my collection updated so what you see here is a cross-section of what I have on my bookshelf, but mostly those that are really good which I wish to share or those which I hope others will enjoy instead (ummm, guess which ones). Letting them go is going to be hard. But the concept really appeals to me, maybe because I'm a "socialist" at heart.

Anyway, my photo is here for a reason - if you do see me dropping-off a book, please do not run after me to prompt me that I have left my book behind.


Post/Script - The following are the books that shook my world and erased all else. As soon as I am able to get my hands on duplicate copies of these, I promise to release them in the wild. They are worth sharing.
1. A Prayer for Owen Meany
2. The Secret History
3. Perfume
4. What A Carve Up!
5. Vision Quest
6. About The Author
7. A Midnight Clear
8. A Density of Souls
9. The Prophet
10. Le Petit Prince

p/p.s : I have received a few requests from fellow BookCrossers for me to mail my books to you (to Penang and Athens among others) to which I will have to decline, as I believe by doing so, it defeats the whole purpose of BookCrossing. There is something to be said about serendipitously finding a book, non?
23 April (World Book Day) - okay, changed my mind after the successful mailing to someprimate. Am trading my "Sick Puppy" for "The Lake of Dead Languages" to Spotty1drs in Utah and my "Testament" and "To Kill a Mockingbird" for "The Muse Asylum" with dellfalconer in Austria. Can't wait! ;-)

Oh yeah, just found a great site

Bookring I am currently a part of : The Memoirs of a Gnostic Dwarf by David Madsen

Will be joining a "Read Along" group for Harper Lee's To Kill A Mockingbird invited by idioteqnician (to begin sometime around Easter 04).

Oh, and my wish list is here My Wish List
Please feel free to fulfil them, heh-heh!!

Oh yes, I'm into Juicing right now, so here's some fruit and vegetable juice recipes to share! Enjoy.
Juice Recipes: Learn the simple secrets of juicing fruits and vegetables. This in-depth online guide is free to read.

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