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Patterns of the Wheel: Coloring Art based on Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time
is now available online and at bookstores around the world. Kind of ironic that the first book an avid reader comes out with is a coloring book, but it's based on a series so that makes it bookish!

Peace on Earth; Good Books to All.
Please do not ask me for trades or send unsolicited requests for me to send books out to you. You may be the sweetest person on earth, but I don't want to send you a book simply because you request it. My budget is limited. I concentrate mostly on wild releases and stocking the OBCZs. :)" align=left hspace=5> This was taken at the Book Tree (aka Bücherwald) in Berlin. And it's a great bookshelf! Brilliant! It's in front of a store called Noa Noa just off the corner of Kollwitzstraße and Sredzkistraße in Prenzlauer Berg.

Our Charleston (and SC, and those who are interested in Charleston...) BookCrossers group is hosted by Yahoo!, though we've been inactive of late. Click here to visit or join.

The Charleston area has A Bunch of OBCZs .

  • Black Tap Coffee at 70 1/2 Beaufain St.

    James Island, West Ashley, Folly Beach

    I" title="Bumma wakes to a New Tomorrow by bookczuk, on Flickr">" width="75" height="100" align=left hspace=5 alt="Bumma wakes to a New Tomorrow" />Here is my favorite picture of my mum (known as bumma), who left us in 2009 at age 87 and another to honor her love of Jane Austen (Full story is here. )" title="Where Jane Austen meets WTF? by bookczuk, on Flickr">" width="100" height="75" align=right alt="Where Jane Austen meets WTF?" />

    Bookczuk is pronounced book-chuk, roughly as in "how many books could a bookczuk chuck...The icon is by shadie, but it should help you remember how to say my name right, should we ever meet!" align=left hspace=5>" title="Photo Sharing">" width="240" height="164" align=right hspace=5 alt="Logo for BookCrossing 2007; Charleston SC" /> Charleston SC BookCrossers were thrilled to host the 2007 Convention here, and the 2008 UnConvention, Redoing the Charleston. Thanks to all who helped and participated.
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