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Welcome to my bookshelf. It's almost always under construction, so please sign a liablity waiver and pardon the dust.

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Just finished: The Planets by Dava Sobel

Currently reading: The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay by Michael Chabon

Next up: Ella Minnow Pea by Mark Dunn

My bookshelf policy:
Due to financial constraints, I cannot ship books right now. If you want anything on my shelf, I'm more than happy to send it if you provide the postage, and if you ask nicely. Rude or demanding requests will be gleefully ignored, and possibly shared and ridiculed on the fora. Please note, also, that if a book's status was set by another BookCrosser, that person now has possession of the book. It's no longer mine, so please don't ask me for it.

So - what's available on my shelf?

  • Anything marked as 'available' is fair game.
  • With a few exceptions, most things marked as 'reserved'. I usually use 'reserved' to mark books that I'm about to release in the wild, so if you catch me before I release them, I can be talked into sending them. Some marked 'reserved', though, are on loan to friends and I can't do anything with them until I get them back.
  • Some things marked as 'To be read', but I'll probably want to read it myself before sending it, and I'll reserve the right to keep it after I've read it.
  • Nothing marked 'permanent collection' - my PC books are marked that way for a reason. If I ever change my mind about a PC book, I'll change it's status, but as long as it's marked PC, I mean it.

I have several autographed books registered. Most of these will be in my PC collection. If you'd like to take a look, just search my bookshelf for any title containing the word 'autograph'. Whenever I register an autographed book, I'll try to scan the signature and upload it to the journal entry. My favorite one is The Life of Python, which has been signed by all six members of the Monty Python cast.

One of my favorite spots on earth is the Grand Canyon. I took this photo in August 2006, about an hour after a nasty thunder and hail storm had cleared out of the canyon.

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