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Thank you for dropping by my Bookshelf page, always nice to have visitors!

I love BookCrossing, I think it's a great and nobel idea. I was introduced to it by my sister (nut) during my travels which was perfect as I couldn't afford to carry more than one book due to weight issues (of my backpack, not me!). I immediately jumped at the idea of sharing books and have been doing so faithfully since. My friends who are not BookCrossers have been very generous in lending me books too, I just wish they could be added to BookCrossing as well.

As I am currently living in New Zealand I am trying to read as much as I can by Kiwi authors or books set in New Zealand or books with some kind of link to New Zealand. I'm doing well so far and have managed to read work by most of the better known and some lesser known authors, my favourite one being The Bone People by Keri Hulme. I don't know why it is my favourite, it just is.

While living in Spain I got to read a lot of Spanish based books and as a result I was introduced to George Orwell who has since turned out to be one of my favourite authors. My other favourite authors are Bill Bryson and John Steinbeck and I think my all-time favourite books are Downunder by Bill Bryson (there is a passage in there that makes me cry with laughter each time I read it) and The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde.

I like to read nearly every genre and always rotate the style of books I am reading. While I was travelling (for a number of years) I spent a lot of time reading travel literature, but now that I'm staying put for the time being I find it makes me too jealous and my feet start getting itchy again!

If you see a book available on my bookshelf that you want don't be shy to request it. However, most of my books are back in Ireland so you might be waiting a while before I send it to you!

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