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From Massagno, Ticino Switzerland

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BookCrossing non vuol dire solo libri ... ci sono tante, tante persone là fuori, tanti amanti di libri! Non rattristatevi se non avete più notizie dei vostri libri ... andate alla scoperta dei colleghi "Corsari" piuttosto.

Hier geht es nicht nur um Bücher, sondern auch um viele viele Menschen! Keine Nachricht von euren Büchern? Es werden keine freigelassen bei euch??? Wieso Trübsal blasen?! Entdeckt wer all die Tausenden von anderen BookCrossern sind!

No news from your books? No books freed in your region? Well BookCrossing in not just about books ... but also about people! What a wealth of information and of knowledge in their comments! Go out and meet them!

Sto leggendo/lese gerade/currently reading:" target="_new">L'arte di sognare
e non molto altro ... non ho la serenità per sedermi e leggere qualcosa ...

* = già dato, spedito/schon weitergegeben/already given or sent to somebody
D Deutsch/E English/F Français/I Italiano/J Japanese/P Portugues

Der Herr der Ringe . Info unter: Die Gefährten I

Le Piccole Storie di Samadhi" target="_new">Ascolta
Il libro che ha ispirato RON" target="_new">Le voci del mondo
Quammen Book-Ring1" target="_new">When the Wild Comes Leaping Up: Personal Encounters with Nature
Quammen Book-Ring2" target="_new">The Song of the Dodo
Quammen Book-Ring3" target="_new">The flight of the Iguana
Afghanistan-BookRing" target="_new">Afghanistan, dove Dio viene solo per piangere
La conferenza degli animali" target="_new">La conferenza degli animali
Per riflettere in modo divertente" target="_new">Logica fantastica

Book -Rings/Rays/Boxes ai quali partecipo, I'm taking part in, wobei ich mitmache, auxquels je participe:

*" target="_new">The Boilerplate Rhino by David Quammen (courtesy of Too-Ticki)
*" target="_new">The Lying Stones of Marrakech by Stephen J.Gould (courtesy of Too-Ticki)
*" target="_new">Io non ho paura by Nicolò Ammaniti (courtesy of Solimano)
*" target="_new">Kreativ- und bastelbox (courtesy of Primel75)
*" target="_new">Nach Afghanistan kommt Gott nur noch zum Weinen by Siba Shakib (courtesy of Wildspitz)
*" target="_new">Ihr Gartenzwerg hat mich beleidigt by Falk van Helsing (courtesy of arcon)
*" target="_new">Schachspielen beim Sex strengstens verboten by Falk van Helsing (courtesy of arcon)
*" target="_new"> Le hussard sur le toit by Jean Giono (courtesy of Anamela)
*" target="_new">Die Lügen der Frauen by Ljudmila Ulitzkaja (courtesy of Urpfi)
*" target="_new">Pfeifen unter Wasser strengstens verboten by Crombie & van Helsing (courtesy of arcon)
* Pensieri di un uomo curioso by Albert Einstein (courtesy of alexyr)
* Alles über Alles by Horst Jüssen (courtesy of CatrionaMacLeod)
*" target="_new">The Surgeon of Crowthorne by Simon Winchester (courtesy of loopy1)
*" target="_new">Stupid White Men by Michael Moore (courtesy of PenelopePitstop)
* Papierhaus by Carlos Maria Dominguea (courtesy of SwissShutist)
*" target="_new"> @FAGIANO JONATHAN LIVINSTON by several authors (courtesy of Fralla)
*" target="_new"> @La prozia di Celestino by several authors (courtesy of Fralla)
*" target="_new">C'era una volta ... il cantone Ticino by Sylvie Girardet (courtesy of Cuteboy)
*" target="_new"> Tsugumi by Banana Yoshimoto (courtesy of Arowin)
*" target="_new"> Tesi di laurea by micool (courtesy of micool)
*" target="_new"> Rote Laterne - Das Buch zum Film by Su Tong (courtesy of YowlYY)
*" target="_new">Il dio delle piccole cose by Arundhati Roy (courtesy of LaVale)
*" target="_new"> La casa del sonno by J.Coe (courtesy of virruzza)" target="_new"> La vera storia del Cioccolato by Sophie D.& Michael Coe (courtesy of PenelopePitstop)" target="_new">Il Pranzo di S.Giovanni by Franco Banchi(courtesy of Solimano)" target="_new"> poeti africani by different authors (courtesy of ops)

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