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Friday, June 16, 2006

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Dream and responsibility. — You are willing to assume responsibility for everything! Except, that is, for your dreams! What miserable weakness, what lack of consistent courage! Nothing is more your own than your dreams! Nothing more your own work! Content, form, duration, performer, spectator — in these comedies you are all of this yourself! And it is precisely here that you rebuff and are ashamed of yourselves, and even Oedipus, the wise Oedipus, derived consolation from the thought that we cannot help what we dream! From this I conclude that the great majority of mankind must be conscious of having abominable dreams. If it were otherwise, how greatly this nocturnal poetizing would have been exploited for the enhancement of human arrogance! — Do I have to add that the wise Oedipus was right, that we really are not responsible for our dreams — but just as little for our waking life, and that the doctrine of freedom of will has human pride and feeling of power for its father and mother? Perhaps I say this too often: but at least that does not make it an error.
                                             — Nietzsche, Daybreak, 1881

An eclectic reader and long-time book accumulator. I like books about philosophy, science (especially biology, and human biology) and history, also autobiographies; for fiction, I like books that pay attention to language, that are imaginative, often a bit challenging, but "good reads" catch my attention too; I read some science fiction and fantasy and romance.

Note on my wishlist: Most of the items I'm looking for are fairly uncommon! So if you want to send me a gift or swap, and can't find anything on my list, I don't mind.

Some things read in 2015:


  • Ginn Hale - Champion of the Scarlet Wolf
  • Megan Hart - Crossing The Line
  • Joseph R. Garber - Vertical Run
  • Minna Sundberg - A Redtail's Dream
  • Emma Barry - Private Politics
  • Vera Nazarian - Cobweb Bride
  • Elizabeth Hoyt - The Leopard Prince
  • Karen Lord - Redemption in Indigo
  • Greg Rucka - Keeper
  • Greg Rucka - Shooting at Midnight
  • Terry Pratchett - Nation
  • Janet Kagan - Hellspark
  • Karen Lord - The Best of All Possible Worlds
  • Sherry Thomas - My Beautiful Enemy
  • Nicola Griffith - Slow River
  • John Scalzi - Lock In


The painting in my profile is by Tom Kidd.

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