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Kerken, Nordrhein-Westfalen Germany


Tuesday, January 07, 2003

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After years of absence I am returning to bookcrossing!

I have always had this wonderful community on my mind but never got around to be active anymore. After my son was born and several things happened in my life I did abandon a few things here that I shouldn't have. I was the cause for a few rings/rays not to go on their way and I am ashamed of that.
During a fire in my condo, a few books "died" and some survived unharmed. It has been a while since the fire but as you can imagine, there is other things on your mind than going through books that survived when your whole kitchen did not.

I now find the time to go through these books and others that I do not want sitting on my shelf anymore, collecting dust. And I need room for new ones as well :) So this is why I came back to bookcrossing and I hope everybody who was affected by me being absent does accept my apologies!


The labels that I made years ago were on a hard drive on my computer that died during the fire, too. So even if I was thinking about getting them all online again, there is nothing I can do atm. I still have that hard drive and hope that one of my friends can recover the data someday but this is not on my priority list.


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