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I ♥ books

I reply to all private messages I receive. If you do not receive a reply, then I did not receive the message. I may not always be on the website, but I am always reading a book or checking my email.

========================================================== TemekuGirl

Hey everyone! My name is Gina, and I love to read! I live in Temecula. I have two A.A. degrees (Liberal Arts / Social & Behavioral Science), and I have a B.A. in English.

I would so be happy to take any books off your hands for you. If you plan on leaving any books in the Temecula area or near the high school [TVHS] thanks so much if you could tell me exactly where at.


I am willing to give every genre of books a chance! If the back cover (or even front cover!) interests me, then I want to read it.


TBR - Will read as soon as I can, but you can still request them.
AVL - Anyone can request these.
PC - I own and plan to keep. ( Some will become available every so often )
RES - Someone already requested it and I need to send it out, or it is part of a ring/ray.
TRAV - Ones that I set free or that were mine set free by others.


BookRings + BookRays
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Memoirs of an Ex-Porno Queen by Sheila Brady

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