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Today (Dec 27, 2017 ) is my fourteenth anniversery at Bookcrossing. I have certainly enjoyed all the site has to offer and more. I like doing the challenges, reading the forums, sharing in peoples lives. Because of bookcrossing, I have read books that I would not have picked up otherwise, and read new authors. My hopes for this next year are to share more books, mainly by releasing. I hope to find a way to increase my journal entries, but we all know that is just luck whether or not they make one.

This year I plan to make separate lists of my printed books, e-books and audio books read/listened to.

I usually only register books that I am planning to wild-release at some point, nothing from my PC. The books on my shelf do not really reflect my taste in reading, as some were used just for challenges and never read.

Due to cost-prohibitive s/h, I am sorry to say that at this time I must restrict any trading to the United States. Sorry for any inconvience.

I am registered at

A few facts about me: The books I like most are thrillers, mysteries and horror. Books I DO NOT care for are romances like Harlequins. Chicklit is okay, for the most part. I love chocolate, but not the crispy kind. I drink teas (not herbal or decaf) and hot cocoa. I like doing suduko, logic and crossword puzzles. I have 4 children and several grandkids, ages 13- 26. I have a great guy who I have loved since I was 16. I am currently without pets, a very rare thing for me, but I will aquire some more this year. I live in MI, so warm things always appreciated.

Find me on as T02S03B11D20
Find me on as Kathy

I love my grandkids:Keygan, Tyler, Devin, Tahtiana, Cheyenne and Tayzia

Books Read in 2018
January: (2,285 pages)
1 - Paradise Valley/C.J. Box...340 pages
2 - Prose and Cons/Amanda Flowers...332 pages
3 - Hardcore Twenty-four/Janet Evanovich...285 pages
4 - Scandal in Skibbeeen/Sheila Connolly...294 pages
5 - The Painted Queen/Elizabeth Peters and Joan Hess...323 pages
6 - The Curious Charms of Arthur Pepper/Phaedra Patrick...307 pages
7 - Copy Cat/Alex Lake...404 pages
February: (3,048 pages)
8 - The Rocky Road to Romance/Janet Evanovich...249 pages
9 - Apple Turnover Murder/Joanne Fluke...292 pages
10 - Valentine Murder/Leslie Meier...248 pages
11 - Private, Paris/James Patterson...411 pages
12 - A Dog Year/Jon Katz...209 pages
13 - The Bombay Boomerang/Franklin Dixon...180 pages
14 - The Little Shop of Murders/Susan Goodwill...243 pages
15 - The House on Mango Street/Sandra Cisneros...110 pages
16 - The Woman in the Window/A. J. Finn...427 pages
17 - Full Wolf Moon/Lincoln Child...291 pages
18 - The Lipizzaners and the Spanish Riding School...64 pages
19 - Curiosity Thrilled The Cat/Sofie Kelly...324 pages
March: (2,333 pages)
20 - The Cat Who Talked Turkey/Lilian Braun...181 pages
21 - The Big Little Book of Irish Wit and Wisdom...363 pages
22 - Eclair and Present Danger/Laura Bradford...275 pages
23 - Stormy Petrel/Mary Stewart...176 pages
24 - A Wrinkle In Time /Madeline L'Engle...203 pages
25 - All Dressed in White/Mary Higgins Clark...271 pages
26 - Sleight of Paw/Sofie Kelly...312 pages
27 - The Night is Deep/Joe Hart...277 pages
28 - A Fatal Chapter/Lorna Barrett...275 pages
April: (2,050 pages)
29 - Copycat Killing/Sofie Kelly...321 pages
30 - Bunnicula Strikes Again/James Howe...116 pages
31 - A Fool and His Honey/Charlaine Harris...257 pages
32 - Wicked Witch Murder/LeslieMeier...314 pages
33 - All The Missing Girls/Megan Miranda...368 pages
34 - The Perfect Stranger/Megan Miranda...336 pages
35 - Camino Island/John Grisham...338 pages
May: (3,325 pages)
36 - Blessings of the Heart/Valerie Hansen...251 pages
37 - City of Endless Night/Preston and Childs...358 pages
38 - Schooled/Gordon Korman...208 pages
39 - Making the Rounds With Oscar/David Dosa...215 pages
40 - Trial/James Patterson...110 pages (bookshots)
41 - The Wicked Will Rise/Danielle Paige...293 pages
42 - All The Little Liars/Charlaine Harris...229 pages
43 - Ready Player One/Ernest Cline...579 pages
44 - A Court of Thorns and Roses/Sarah Maas...416 pages
45 - Cat Trick/Sofie Kelly...327 pages
46 - The Dry/Jane Harper...339 pages
47 - Agent Daddy/Alice Sharpe...212 pages
48 - Shots Fired/C. J. Box...281 pages
49 - The Princess Diaries/Meg Cabot...283 pages
50 - On the Island/Tracey Garvis Graves...319 pages
51 - The Unicorn in the Barn/Jacqueline Ogburn...290 pages
52 - Yellow Brick War/Danielle Paige...270 pages
53 - Year One/Nora Roberts...419 pages
54 - The Tennis Party/Madeline Wickham...

Kindle Books Read in 2018
January: (207 pages)
1 - Ricochet Joe/Dean Koontz...95 pages
2 - I Could Pee On This: And Other Cat Poems/Francesco Marciuliano...112 pages
February: (0 pages)
March: (316 pages)
3 - Invasion/Sean Platt...316 pages
April: (393 pages)
4 - No Place Like Oz/Danielle Paige...125 pages
5 - Inn Keeping With Murder/Lyn Bohart...268 pages
May: (319 pages)
6 - Summer of the Woods/Steven Smith...115 pages
7 - Archie Summer Splash...27 pages
8 - The Happy Hollisters and the Cowboy Mystery...177 pages
9 - Sand-witch on Rye/Madeline Dox...123 pages

Total Regular Pages Read in 2018= 15,125 pages
Total Kindle Pages Read in 2018 = 1,358 pages

Total Pages Read in 2018 = 16,483 (62 books)
Total Pages Read in 2017 = 29,942 (97 books)
Total Pages Read in 2016 = 31,570 (104 books)
Total Pages Read in 2015 = 29,336 (95 books)
Total Pages Read in 2014 = 30,600 (100 books)
Total Pages Read in 2013 = 34,813 (115 books)
Total Pages Read in 2012 = 32,482 (101 books)
Total Pages Read in 2011 = 27,177 (80 Books)
Total Pages Read in 2010 = 25,361 (71 books)
Total Pages Read in 2009 = 26,328 (80 books)
Total Pages Read in 2008 = 21,062 (64 books)
Total Pages Read in 2007 = 22,964 (64 books)

Challenges I Have Joined:
State Challenge/NancyNova
Goodreads Challenge
Pop Sugar Challenge

States and D.C. I have read books set in 39/51 = 76.47%

Alabama -
Alaska -
Arizona - Here and Gone by Haylen Beck
Arkansas - Blessings of the Heart by Valerie Hansen
California - "I" is for Innocent by Sue Grafton
Colorado - One Mile Under by Andrew Gross
Connecticut - goodnight, nobody by Jennifer Weiner
Delaware -
District of Columbia -
Florida - Graverobbers Wanted: No Experience Necessary/Jeff Strand
Georgia - Haunted by Kay Hooper
Hawaii - Under the Knife /Tess Gerritsen
Idaho - The Last Town/Blake Crouch
Illinois - Hooked into Murder/Celeste Bennett
Indiana -
Iowa - Merit Badge Murder/Leslie Langtry
Kansas - Dorothy Must Die by Danielle Paige
Kentucky -
Louisiana - The Mirror in My Dorm Room/Lashonda Beauregard
Maine - Copy Cat/Alex Lake
Maryland - The Ghost Writer/Damon Narko
Massachusetts - Summer Blowout/Claire Cook
Michigan - The Final Season/Tom Stanton
Minnesota - Apple Turnover Murder/Joanne Fluke
Mississippi -
Missouri - The River is Dark/Joe Hart
Montana -
Nebraska - The Store/James Patterson
Nevada - Shopaholic to the Rescue/Sophie Kinsella
New Hampshire - The Fireman/Joe Hill
New Jersey - Home/Harlan Coben
New Mexico - Three Silver Doves/Deborah Garner
New York - I've Got You Under My Skin/Mary Higgins Clark
North Carolina - Putting on the Witch /Joyce and Jim Lavene
North Dakota - Paradise Valley/C.J. Box
Ohio - Fractured/Catherine McKenzie
Oklahoma -
Oregon - Murder in Christmas River/Meg Muldoon
Pennsylvania - Everywhere That Mary Went/Lisa Scottoline
Rhode Island - Making Rounds With Oscar/David Dosa
South Carolina - Hugo: How Two Boys Learned About Life From A Killer Shark/Michael McEachern
South Dakota - An Ex to Grind in Deadwood/Ann Charles
Tennessee -
Texas -
Utah - Still Surviving Henry/Erin Taylor Young
Vermont - The Winter People/Jennifer McMahon
Virginia - The Rocky Road to Romance/Janet Evonovich
Washington - Earnest/Kristin Von Kreisler
West Virginia -
Wisconsin - Saving Sadie/Joal Dauer
Wyoming - Force of Nature /C. J. Box

Wild Books Caught in 2018:

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