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I've always been a habitual reader and my tastes are so wide that I can't really summarise what kind of books I read. My permanent collection at home contains c.300 books, on history, social science, the natural world and the environment, political activism, biographies (a few, and not showbiz ones), poetry, a Complete Works of Shakespeare (who hasn't got one of those?), the Third World, Buddhism, one Bible, one Qu'ran, and a few on vegetarian cooking. I've got two shelves of fiction which have everything from Pat Barker, to Barry Hines to William McIlvanney to John Wyndham. There's a fair bit of science fiction but absolutely no chic-lit (well alright, there's one chic-lit.)

My TBR pile is a manageable size, partly because I dispensed with a TV when they turned off the analogue signal on 2nd Decembeer 2009, and partly because I finished studying for my last law exam in 2015, so I've got more time for reading.

Every few years I trawl through my book collection and pick out the ones I haven't read for a long time, or think I might not get round to reading again, or which just no longer inspire me, and register them for bokcrossing. I am open to requests for books, check out the books I've recently registered and haven't given away or released yet.

If you want to get an idea what I do for a living check out this blog:

Cheers, Spartaca

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