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From Akron, Ohio USA

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Do you see a book that you would like to have or would be willing to trade another one for? It doesn't matter to me whether or not it is marked "TBR" or "Available". If it is marked "TBR", I'll just need a little time to read it! Anyways, feel free to ask. I love conversing with fellow Bookcrossers across the world.

My favorite types of genres include cozy mysteries, action/thrillers, animal stories, and a realm of non-fiction books.

I barely remember reading any fiction before the summer of 2004 and I don't think that I could have named more than a few titles or authors before Bookcrossing. Of course, this website has influenced me to accumulate and read popular titles!

I'm finding out lately that I've been drifting back to the non-fiction genre as I've read some real "doozies" of the fiction variety. I especially love to read non-fiction books that are relevant to my current stituation. However, I rarely read one in it's entirety, but that is okay. The book stays with me as a permanent source of "reference".

I dislike reading classics, autobiographies, biographies, romances, westerns, science fiction and fantasy genres.

My eclectic wishlist thanks to Cliff:

My husband and I live with our miniature poodle, Jean Paul (pictured below), and our nameless fish. He loves to play golf; whereas, I love to ride my motorcycle, which could be registered as a historical vehicle.

My interest in motorcycle riding has been re-kindled after 7 years. During that time, my bike (which I've had for 2 years) was hard to access and not running properly. Luckily, I found someone who did some simple adjustments and now it runs like a dream!

During the weekends, I help a friend out with her horses.

Jean Paul, my Thunder Paws Pet Extraodinaire:

Me (albeit I was 90 pounds heavier then) on Regal:


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