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June 2015 We're moving! If you have an old mailing address, or need to send something, PM for the new info.

My name is James. I live in Fort Wayne, Indiana. I'm a 10th Grade English Teacher in Butler, Indiana. I'm 30 years old, and my birthday is on October 21st. I got married on 11-11-11 at 11am! My wife is also on BookCrossing... fireyfairy. We released books on our honeymoon in Banff, Alberta, Canada, and we can't wait for someone to find one of them! ;-) I love to hear from other BookCrossers and I want to become more involved in the site. My userpic is of me with our baby, Alter Ego, a mini Dachshund puppy. She is adorable!

Did you know that you can send large print and audiobooks (any format) to the blind, or those who have seeing difficulties for free postage from the U.S., domestically, or even internationally? That's right! All you have to do is write "Free matter for the blind and disabled" in the spot where stamps/postage would normally go. Do it today and give audiobooks or large print books to somebody who may not otherwise be able to enjoy reading due to health problems!

Yes, my wishlist is up-to-date! Please note: if you send me a Stephen King book from my wishlist, it will most likely become part of my permanent collection. I am very close to owning every book he has ever written, as he is my favorite author, so my goal is to complete the collection. He is making this more difficult, what with his fake retirement and all, but I am grateful for that, as it means more books of his to read. Other than that, I do tend to pass on a high percentage of the books I am sent from other BookCrossers... it just takes me a while. I am a slow reader, and I also work full time. I love reading for pleasure or information and I will get to those books eventually! As the "King" of horror says, "Everything's eventual."

My interests, listed Deadjournal-style, include: aladdin, authors, being evasive, big bang theory, board games, books about writing, bowling for soup, castle, chai, cirque du freak books, disney world, eve 6, firefly, fireyfairy, flying on airplanes, god, group games, guns 'n roses, harry potter, indianapolis colts, jokes, legend of zelda, mario bros, meg's lasagne, mental illness, movies, obama, pandas, pool, potatoes, reading, rock 'n roll, shakespeare, sleeping in, stephen king, sylvia plath, the dark tower, the reduced shakespeare company, the west wing, wicked the musical, word games, writing

My RABCKs/Bookrings/Bookrays/Bookboxes:
1. Stephen King RABCK
2. Dark Tower RABCK
3. Massive Fort Wayne Release
5. Meg Day RABCK
6. Potok Day 2010 Release
7. I Hate Myself And Want To Die Bookring

I am open to trading.

Some kind Bookcrossers have asked me recently about things I might like to get in the mail. Certainly, nobody has to send me anything, but I won't stand in the way! PLEASE NOTE: DUE TO MY WIFE'S SEVERE ALLERGIES AND ASTHMA, PLEASE DO NOT SEND ANYTHING THAT SMELLS OF CIGARETTE SMOKE OR HAS PET FUR OR DANDER ON IT! It is a challenge for her to breathe even without these allergens around, and I really appreciate my fellow BCers regarding my request. I like:

*Books from my wishlist.
*Gift certificates to just about anywhere, esp. bookstores (HPB, B&N, Amazon), restaurants (My favorites are Taco Bell & Arby's.), general stores (Meijer, Target), GameStop (I love video games), Regal Cinemas movie theaters, & Petco (For Alter Ego.).
*DVDs and CDs.
*Inspirational Teacher Movies on DVD or BlueRay.
*Guy-ish stationery items.
*Fun t-shirts in size 2X related to any of my interests.
*Non-fiction books about reading or writing.
*Writing exercises or prompts.
*Stuff for my high school english classroom.
*High school english teaching-related things.
*Composition books, red, black, or patterned Moleskene notebooks in all different sizes, and pens that write well in them.
*Word games, board games, or 3DS games.
*Chapstick and lotion.
*Non-chocolate candy. Reese's Pieces are my absolute favorite, but I also like anything fruity and gummy and not sour.
*Pandas. Anything Panda-related. I love Pandas!
*Car air fresheners.

From here and here , I am the "It's Complicated" Reader. "You are a combination of many of these things and yet completely different, too. Each book means a new type of reader exists in your soul; you refuse to be defined or categorized. You are a freeform, wild, woolly entity. You do whatever you want. You're probably a pisces. You're definitely a reader. Suggested "it's complicated" reads: We dare not to go there." I'm a Libra, but the rest is spot-on. I'm also a bathroom reader and a falling asleep reader.

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