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Vista, California USA

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Monday, December 23, 2002

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In January 2009, I hosted my first readalong, for Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, by Mark Twain. See this thread for details. Thanks to all participants!

For over 3 years, I hosted the nonfiction virtual bookbox. Thanks to all the participants: it was a fabulous success, with over 350 books shared!

Here's a link to the article I wrote on
How To Host a Nonfiction Virtual BookBox

A big THANK YOU from myself, my aunt Laurie, and the Belmont Diamonds of Charlotte, for donations to their youth group and literacy programs. I register/journal books for them under the bookshelf BelmontDiamonds. They likely won't be journalled again, but please know that they are going to good use.

Recommended reads (8 stars or above):

1. Big Blue Sky (autobiography) by Peter Garrett (9 stars)
2. Ready Player One (sci fi? fiction?) by Ernest Cline (8 stars)

Books I've read in 2016:

1. Lady Molly of Scotland Yard (short story/ mysteries) by Baroness Orczy
2. Morning Star (sci-fi/ dystopia) by Pierce Brown (2 stars, very disappointing)
3. Big Blue Sky (autobiography) by Peter Garrettt (9 stars!!)
4. Ready Player One (sci fi/ fiction?) by Ernest Cline





Books Started and not finished:

1. Morning Star (sci-fi/ dystopia) by Pierce Brown (2 stars, very disappointing, an extreme skim)

Here is my rough book rating system:

10 An exceptionally good book
9 Super, couldn't put it down
8 Very good
7 Good
6 Enjoyed parts of it
5 I didn't particularly like it or dislike it; mixed or no real interest
4 An "okay" book, possibly draggy or too light, not my thing
3 Poor; lost interest - a chore, possibly put it down
2 Awful - quite possibly didn't finish
1 Horrible, didn't finish it, would advise others to avoid it.

The following are bookrays/rings I'm involved in:

The following are challenges, or other interesting things that I am going to take part in or have done previously:

1. Mass Release of Steinbeck books in Cannery Row/Monterey. Done! June 2007
Link to Forum thread
2. My life is very full; better than it's ever been. Last year I read 27 books. I will not pretend to do 52 this year, but 40 would be a nice goal.
3. Reduce TBR by at least 15 books in 2011. 2007 & 2008 & 2009 were good years for me, with only a net (loss) of 10 books or (gain) of 4. 2010 I failed miserably; I read little and bought at the typical clip.

Books entered the house in 2012: 1
Books left the house in 2012: 7

Books entered the house in 2012: 28
Books left the house in 2012: 4

Books entered the house in 2011 (eBooks don't count): 20
Books left the house in 2011: 64

Books entered the house in 2010:40
Books left the house in 2010: 40

Books entered the house in 2009: 26
Books left the house in 2009: 43

Books entered the house in 2008: 58
Books left the house in 2008: 68

Books entered the house in 2007: 54
Books left the house in 2007: 64

Wild or OBCZ catches:

America and Americans
Hungry Hill
Fade to Black
The Second Confession
Inspector Ghote Draws a Line
The Queene's Christmas
The Pearl
The Log From the Sea of Cortez
The Wrath of Khan
Accusations (Babylon 5)
The Q Continuum (Star Trek)
The Goddess and the Bull
The Fugitive Queen

Special bookring hosted by firegirl, for her trip along the Appalachian Trail:
Eat Pray Love

Special bookring hosted by me, to discuss our views on religion and our relationship with a higher power:

The Sparrow and A Sunday Sermon

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