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San Antonio, Texas USA


Monday, February 21, 2005

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Been a rough few years. I have end stage Pulmonary Fibrosis along with many autoimmune diseases. I've passed my prognosis estimate by three years and I am happy for each day.
I can't walk anymore but I have a cool old electric wheelchair. If I'm sitting I look and basically feel fine. I just can't bend over at all or exert ANY energy but I can put a hole in a wall, with my chair, faster than you can blink! lol
I feel calmer and more centered then I ever have. Strange but good. You know how they ask what you'd do if you knew your time was limited? Well, you probably wouldn't change a thing. It costs so much to be terminally ill there is little left over for much else. Enjoy every minute you can. There are no do overs.

I spend lots of time trying to read but losing interest too fast. Gone are the days of reading books with complicated plots.
Lots of brain fog lately so I've started keeping lots of notes. Please don't hesitate to ask if you don't receive something I've promised you.

If you smoke STOP now! I've been told my lungs look like smokers lungs but I never smoked.
If you are overweight but otherwise healthy, or just overweight according to BMI charts PLEASE lose weight NOW. You hopefully CAN do it now.
Five years ago I was "healthy but fat" Now I am 50 lbs heavier and NOT eligible for a transplant because my BMI is too high and I've acquired lots more autoimmune diseases. If, God forbid, you ever need a transplant you won't get one if you are otherwise healthy but overweight. Don't wait until it might be too late to lose because of the meds you are taking.

Here is a link to a great thread about member made labels:

For anyone new to BookCrossing: You'll find
the answer to most of your questions right here

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My "list of likes" for birthday/holiday threads or even Wishlist tag.

Autocrat or Coffeetime liquid from RI
Big gawdy necklaces for my daughter
Change purses
Chocolate {especially European or See's}
Coffee theamed anything
Colored pencils
Copic marker or similar
A Demitasse spoon
Fabric bags
Give to a local children's charity/foster care group
Hot chocolate packets (raspberry!)
An iPod charging cord
Lavender oil
Metal baby spoons
Peppermint oil
A Scarf (thin, dressy rather than winter types)
Sweets If it's bad for you, it's good.
Tea theamed anything
Tea towels
Tiny bottles of scented oil
Tiny bottles of olive oil
Unusual dry pastas
Vince Flynn books for my mom
Watercolor pencils
Wings extension

Remember Sharons Bday!

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