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I am a 34 year old wife of one and mom of two, a 5 year old girl and a 3 year old boy.I've trained the five year old to be a book lover just like her mom... still working on the boy.

While growing up, I did not understand reading for pleasure. Reading was a chore, not a hobby. Guess that is the math brain part of me. Now that I don’t have to write essays or answers to questions, I’ve learned how to enjoy books for being...well just books. I had to figure out something to do while riding public transportation to work downtown. Parking was just too cumbersome. I don’t work downtown now and I don’t ride public transportation either.

I've recently started to read again... I was a crochet freak until the baby came along, spending most of my free time counting and looping a piece of yarn into a beautiful work of art, realizing that I missed a stitch and ripping it out and starting again…that was when I was able to focus with out a little person demanding my full attention. So I am back to reading again, something I can put down and come back to and actually make some progress. If anyone has any old crochet pattern books or leaflets that they would like to send my way PM me or email me: moeshell AT hotmail DOT com ...Maybe we can make a deal. ;)

I enjoy fiction, mostly womens fiction. Not a fan of sci-fi... Too much crap to retain like names of little creatures or lords or strange names for strange lands. Wait was that the name of that thing or that guy or that place...Yeah no, not my cuppa tea. I just like a feel good story line, like my own little movie that plays out in my head. I am up for a good thriller or mystery from time to time, as long as it isn't too gory.

A wish list of sorts: anything tie-dyed, butterflies, hummingbirds, classic Winnie-the-pooh, fairies, Marvin the Martian from looney toons, any type of stickers, lip balms, lotions, buttons for sewing and crochet projects, beads, picture frames, earrings since I've cut all my hair off, headbands, bobby pins, christmas ornaments (handmade esp), coffee, tea, crochet patterns, yarn, flip flops (ladies Large), socks, chocolate, blank note cards, pens, mechanical pencils, bookmarks, polka dots, postcards, clear packing tape, wings, bookcrossing supplies, world peace, a quite night every once and a while ...

I'm listed on and love surprises

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