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From Southampton, Hampshire United Kingdom

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Joined Sunday, January 16, 2005

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I will read anything and everything, very fond of science fiction and fantasy but will try anything once!

Getting involved with Freecycle It's a grassroots and entirely nonprofit movement of people who are giving (& getting) stuff for free in their own towns. Recycling stuff which is still useful! The Local yahoo Group can be found at:- Southampton Freecycle group

I am also getting involved with the local free economy

I am part of the Southampton bookcrossing group We meet regularly in Southampton and have set up the mailing list to facilitate communications between Bookcrossers in the city!

If you are more interested in me (It might possibly be the case!) then you can find a more complete profile available here:- Lunapilot , pay it a visit and say hi!

Or, if you are on I am there under "Iain Stuart Parkes" :)

I have put some of my Photo's online with Flickr:- Lunapilot
And My Flickr Profile is at:- Lunapilot

I have copied over my entire collection to (every Book thats registered with Bookcrossing, that has passed through my hands, most of which I still have! To find out if I still have a book, look at my Bookcrossing page!)

The url for my page on is:-

I am n a few dating websites:-

oh and I love books!


Any book marked PC is part of my private collection and is NOT available for trades, rings, rays, RABCKs. Don't even ask. I don't like to say, "NO", but I will.

AVL means that I have finished reading a book and have no specific plans for it.

A TBR book is just that - to be read. I'll decide after I read it whether it will be part of my personal collection, reserved for someone else, or released in the wild. (The exception is that a ring/ray book will automatically become RES when I have finished it.)

RES means that I have a specific release planned for the book.

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