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Friday, January 18, 2008

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I'm on twitter @eponine38 .

Ideas for my holiday exchange partners/Birthday Group:
I love bookmarks, Christmas decorations, cats, all sweets (*Except licorice/Lakritz/liquorice/réglisse), anything to do with Christmas in Scandinavia, Germany, or France; stickers; used stamps of Christmas, animals, or art. I also collect pretty paper napkins, a single one is fine. Really, any surprise will be appreciated. I hope this helps!

Rings & rays I'm hosting:
The Watery Part of the World (ARC) Ring
The Mystic Masseur Ring

The Year of the Hare completed ray
City of Thieves completed ray
The Forgotten Garden completed ray

Books Read in 2015
1.The Consequences of Marriage
2. Fleshmarket
3. The Long Quiche Goodbye
4. Life Support
5. A Week at the Airport: A Heathrow Diary
6. The Buddha in the Attic
7. The Nantucket Diet Murders
8. The Sunday Philosophy Club
9. Oxford Blue
10. Dead as a Scone
11. Delicious and Suspicious
12. The Oxford Murders
13. The Raven and the Nightingale
14. The Jewel That Was Ours
15. The Best Corpse for the Job (library book)
16. Jane and Prudence
17. Marisa Que Borra (Spanish language kids' book)
18. Miss McGuire is Missing
19. The Daughters of Cain
20. The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie
21. Stuff: Compulsive Hoarding and the Meaning of Things
22. A Season For Murder
23. Blood on the Marsh
24. 44 Scotland Street
25. La Petite Fille Qui Aimait la Lumiere
26. Murder Fortissimo
27. Death and the Oxford Box

Books Read in 2014
1. The Secret Lives of Hoarders
2. The Forgotten Garden
3. Spam: A Biography
4. The Victorian Internet
5. The Gourdmother
6. Through a Glass, Deadly
7. Maigret and the Wine Merchant
8. The Year of the Hare
9. Best Foot Forward
10. Every Trick in the Book
11. Books Can Be Deceiving
12. Strangled Prose
13. Bleak Water
14. Snoop: What Your Stuff Says About You
15. Glutton for Punishment
16. Skull Session
17. Blessed is the Busybody
18. Hearse and Buggy
19. Assaulted Pretzel
20. Irish Toasts small, short book.
21. Round Ireland with a Fridge
22. Irish Blessings small, short book.
23. Old Wives' Lore for Gardeners small, short book.
24. John Adams and the Boston Massacre (children's book)
25. Soft Rain: A Story of the Cherokee Trail of Tears (children's/teens)
26. Murder at Monticello (Mrs. Murphy Mystery)
27. Death of a Tart
28. French Milk graphic
29. Past Secrets
30. My Favourite Goodbye
31. The Montmartre Investigation
32. My Father's Keeper
33. The Fifth Vial
34. Moss Gown (children's)
35. Ashes of Roses (teens)
36. Sold Down the River
37. Un peu plus loin sur la droite
38. Happy Birthday, Turk!
39. The Girl in the Painted Caravan
40. Qu'elle aille au diable, Meryl Streep
41. No Harm
42. Deadly Nightshade
43. More Cats in the Belfry
44. Le Vieux Qui Lisait des Romans D'amour
45. Stupeur et Tremblements
46. Moi Nojoud, 10 ans, divorcée
47. L'ami Retrouvé
48. Raven Black
49. Pray for Silence
50. Les Tribulations d'une Caissiere
51. Main Grauer Kater Niesel (Kinderbuch)
52. Agaton Sax der Meisterdetektiv
53. Das Lamm
54. Das Buch vom dreifachen Glück
55. Ghost Shadow
56. The Doctor Digs a Grave
57. Secret Ceremonies
58. Rising Sun
59. The Dressmaker
60. The Expats
61. By Hook or By Book
62. A Redbird Christmas
63. Wreath of Deception
64. The Ghost and the Dead Deb
65. A Louisa May Alcott Christmas
66. Santa Clawed
67. The Anatomist's Apprentice
68. The Dumb Shall Sing
69. A Spoonful of Murder
70. The Maul and the Pear Tree

Books Read in 2013

1. One for the Money
2. Nine Parts of Desire
3. DeKok and Murder by Melody
4. Murder for Choir
5. Baroque and Desperate
6. Grounded: A Down to Earth Journey Around the World
7. French Spirits: A House, A Village, and a Love Affair in Burgundy
8. City of the Soul: A Walk in Rome
9. Cinnamon City
10. Bad Times in Buenos Aires
11. Fingersmith
12. Funeral Music
13. The Brothers Lionheart
14. Food and Drink: A Book of Quotations
15. The Smell of Apples
16. Appetite for Murder
17. A Mountain of Crumbs
18. Herring on the Nile
19. Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens (Penguin 60)
20. The People Who Hugged the Trees (kids)
21. Für dich, weil du liebenswert bist (quotes)
22. Selected Poems of Emily Dickinson
23. The Dhammapada
24. Strange Gardens
25. Katten må sova ute
26. La Tentation de l'Occident
27. The Lively Ghosts of Ireland(finished in 2013 after setting aside a while)
28. 45 Minutes to America
29. Au Paris
30. Irish Fairy Tales (Dover Children's)
31. The Fatal Gift of Beauty: The Trials of Amanda Knox (unregistered)
32. Alpine for You
33. A Deadly Grind
34. The Diva Runs Out of Thyme
35. The Princess Bride
36. Tolstoy and the Purple Chair
37. Skinny Annie Blues
38. Mop Men
39. Life on the Refrigerator Door
40. The Dog Who Wouldn't Be
41. Haiku Mama
42. The Complete Book of Aunts
43. The Remains of the Dead
44. Death Rites
45. Shakespeare's Landlord
46. The Rainmaker
47. Inheriting Anne Frank
48. The Titanic: End of a Dream
49. Salaam Brick Lane: A Year in the New East End
50. A Killer Collection
51. The Ghost and Mrs. McClure
52. The Witness
53. Death on Tour
54. Forensic Detective
55. Floaters
56. The Marx Sisters
57. Buttonholed
58. Roseanna
59. Picnic at Hanging Rock
60. Embers
61. Fishing in Utopia
62. Murder in Millbrook (unregistered)
63. Der Schrei des Hahns
64. Nocturnal Butterflies of the Russian Empire
65. Catgut (poems)
66. Death in Daytime
67. Hallowed Bones
68. Murder Among Neighbors
69. The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks
70. Sunday's Child
71. Bag Balm and Duct Tape
72. The Society
73. Dead Center
74. Catwatching
75. Sworn to Silence
76. The Ring of Brightest Angels Around Heaven
77. Laughter, the Best Medicine: Holidays: Ho, Ho, Ha! The Merriest Jokes, Quotes, and Cartoons

2012 Challenges Participating in:

2012 Rings, Rays, Boxes participating in:

Books read in 2012:

1. The Full Cupboard of Life (unregistered; borrowed from my boss)
2. The Chocolate Cat Caper
3. Naked - David Sedaris
4. Fat Girls and Lawn Chairs
5. Murder is Binding
6. Biography of a Germ
7. Hotel World
8. De Sang Et d'Ébene
9. Little Indiscretions
10. Lighthousekeeping
11. Making the Rounds With Oscar (started in 2011; set aside because I didn't want it to end; finished in Jan. 2012)
12. Brokeback Mountain
13. Heart and Soul
14. She Taught Me to Eat Artichokes (short, illustrated book)
15. Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit
16. The Three Evangelists
17. The Case of the Roasted Onion (Dr. McKenzie, #1)
18. The Cat Lady of Concord
19. Purr-fect Crime
20. Historical Cats (Cartoons)
21. The Bachelor's Cat
22. Chi's Sweet Home Vol. 1 (manga)
23. Who the Hell is Pansy O'Hara?
24. Cats in the Belfry
25. The Heroine's Bookshelf
26. Short Stories of Louisa May Alcott
27. This Love is Not For Cowards: Salvation and Soccer in Ciudad Juarez (ray)
28. Gritty Grace
29. Whose Body?
30. Chi's Sweet Home, Volume 2 (manga)
31. Rats
32. Mrs. Chippy's Last Expedition
33. It's All Greek To Me
34. A Separate Peace
35. Bastard Out of Carolina
36. The Bridge to Terabithia (YA)
37. The End of the Affair
38. Classified as Murder
39. Dear Exile
40. The Day the World Came to Town: 9/11 in Gander, Newfoundland
41. The Memory Garden (ray)
42. Sparkles
43. Terror on Tuesday
44. The Woman in the Fifth
45. The Xibalba Murders
46. Curiosity Thrilled the Cat
47. Homecoming
48. Amos Fortune, Free Man (Kids/Teens)
49. The Sleeping Car Murders
50. Girl, Interrupted
51. Patterns in the Sand
52. How I Helped OJ Get Away with Murder
53. Revenge of the Wrought-Iron Flamingos
54. Wrapped
55. Oranges
56. Liver Let Die
57. Cats' Miscellany (ray)
58. In at the Kill
59. The Woman Who Went to Bed For a Year (ring)
60. The Poisoner's Handbook
61. Permanent Passenger: My Life on a Cruise Ship
62. Honor Bound: My Journey to Hell and Back with Amanda Knox
62. More Ketchup Than Salsa: Confessions of a Tenerife Barman
63. The Ballroom on Magnolia Street
64. Murder on a Girls' Night Out
65. March
66. Typhoid Mary
67. Bananas: An American History
68. A Highland Christmas (Hamish Macbeth, #16)
69. They Died in Vain: Overlooked, Underappreciated and Forgotten Mystery Novels
70. The Jury Master
71. Miss Webster and Cherif
72. The Luminous Life of Lilly Aphrodite
73. The Silent Miaow

I have varied reading interests, especially love cozy mysteries. The books on my shelf don’t accurately reflect my tastes, as most are acquired at library sales…I go at the end when you can “fill a bag for [$3, $5, $8…]”. And believe me, you can cram a lot of books into one paper shopping bag if you set your mind to it. Nor do I usually stop at one bag…(bit of a hoarding problem, perhaps? [smile]). So I always have lots of books to release as well as to swap on PaperbackSwap and BookMooch. I love wild releasing, and have had most luck so far with books left at ATMs and Trader Joe's.

My other interests include languages (read several, but speak none fluently – except English, of course and that may be open for debate [smile], cross-stitch (little spurts of activity now and then), tutoring ESL, travel, thrift store shopping, aka retail therapy…

The Russian Reading group that I belonged to for over 15 years disbanded in 2011 due to illness of a member. Tom lost his struggle with cancer on October 10, 2012. RIP Tom - we'll miss your hospitality and quick wit.

On June 27, 2011 my beloved kitty Muffet passed away after a short illness. She was 18. After nearly 6 months without one, in December I adopted another all black kitty whom I call "Puff" (short for Little Black Puff, as shelter staff named her). She's 4 years old, and, although I never raised children, I think I now know what it's like to have a toddler in the house - she's into EVERYTHING - no more candles or cups of tea carelessly placed on end tables! She provides so much amusement that it more than compensates for these little inconveniences :-).

My dream is to live in Europe for a year, ideally in a border town in order to practice two languages at once…and possibly gain fluency in at least one of them!

It's great to be here!

>BC Convention, Oxford, 10th - 12th April 2015


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