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I mainly read fantasy and science fiction but I'm also interested in non-fiction (particularly history, natural history and mythology/mysticism), historical fiction, detective/mystery and classic fiction of the Austen type.

My favourite books are the Fionavar Tapestry by Guy Gavriel Kay, the Light and Shadows series by Janny Wurts and the Deverry books by Katherine Kerr. I'm also a fan of Terry Pratchett, Robert Rankin, Douglas Adams, Robyn Hobb, Raymond E Feist, Melanie Rawn and David Eddings.

Music-wise I love Indie, Rock/Alternative, 60s Soul, cheesy pop and a whole lot more.

Film tastes run to more fantasy and science fiction, some action movies, offbeat comedy (i.e. not the slapstick/gross out stuff)and suspense/thrillers.

I live in Manchester with my Gran who I care for along with my Uncle who also lives with us. I work as an information manager for a charity and what little spare time I have i like to spend reading (obviously), playing board games, playing computer games, watching films, listening to music, going out clubbing and learning new stuff. I also spend a fair amount of time on LiveJournal which is where i heard about this site.

Can't think of anything else for now - if you want to know more check out my LiveJournal blog!

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