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”People you disagree with are what gets you going, rather than idly going through an unchallenged stream of consciousness.”
Dr. Nigel Warburton, Open University

I am an avid reader with a tendency to keep the books I buy, and since this not a new thing, my bookshelves are beginning to show the strain and it is time to let go - so I am glad I found BookCrossing. Odd thing though, since I joined I appear to have accumulated a great number of unread books .. lolol. thank you for all the great ideas, my friends!

I read in English, Danish, Swedish and Norwegian.

Wild releasing English books in my country is not really an option, so I will just have to be a bit creative. I used to release in bulk to OBCZs in Europe that need a little "seeding" - unfortunately postage increases have put a stop to this practice .. not sure what to do now.

Do you know I have a book you registered? Please be patient, as I participate in a national library reading circle and when I have a choice I will read what I feel like, but do not worry in due cause "your" book will be read and released!

When I find/receive a book that has been registred with BookCrossing, I journal it at once, and I expect the same courtesy from you. I also believe that a "free book" should be just that, and I would prefer that you do not resell a book registered by me.

My personal Read-a-Nobel-Laureate-a-Month Challenge is currently converted to reading one when I am in the mood, as I have found that they are decidedly "cheewy" lololol.

Here is what I have read in my Nobel-Challenge so far:

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