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From Vila Nova de Gaia, Porto Portugal

Age 44

Joined Thursday, August 12, 2004

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Bookrings organizados por mim:

Guinevere (by Sharan Newman) (aceitam-se inscrições)

O Livro da Gula (by BC's)(aceitam-se inscrições e sugestões de título :) )

Bookrings em que estou inscrita:

O Perfume (by Patrick Suskind)< ---org. Cokas

A Física da Imortalidade (by Frank Tipler)< ---org. Pedroportugal

Porque é que os homens nunca ouvem nada...
(by Allan and Barbara Pease)
< ---org. Patxocas

O Fantasma dos Canterville (by Oscar Wilde)< ---org. Muzzle

The Art of Loving (by Erich Fromm)< ---org. Amambaw

A Nona Porta (by Arturo Pérez-Reverte)< ---org. Minabom

Azul Algures(by Jeffery Deaver)< ---org. PreciousArwen

Coração de Alcachofra(by Milena Moser)< ---org. Melrita

Chocolate - Cozinha Regional Portuguesa (by Activa)< ---org. Cokas

A Regra de Quatro (by Ian Caldwell & Dustin Thomason)< ---org. Aldrin

Middlesex(by Jeffrey Eugenides)< ---org. Patxocas

O Rei do Inverno - Crónicas do Senhor da Guerra (by Bernard Cornwell)< ---org. Pedroportugal

Lovely Bones (by Alice Seabold)< ---org. RedHeadRaye

Segura-te ao meu peito em chamas  <--- org. Sossap

Vai onde te leva o coração (by Susana Tamaro) <--- org. Peto

Evangelho segundo Jesus Cristo (by Saramago) <--- org. Cristina-m

Um Amor Feliz (by Saramago) <--- org. Cristina-m

The Ancient Future - Trilogy (by Tracy Harding) <--- org. Sorgatani


How to make a Lakuska

1 part intelligence

1 part silliness

1 part leadership
Add to a cocktail shaker and mix vigorously. Add a little cocktail umbrella and a dash of wisdom


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You are purple. What a romantic person you are.
You're sentimental and forward-looking (those
are opposites.). You're a sophisticated and
refined--with a refind taste for chocolates and
wine (yum...). Tempermental and moody, you let
people know when you're angry. But other
times, you just sit and sulk. Alone. When
around people, you're a generous person, with
insatiable needs. You're a starving artist,
basically. You're enjoy getting into debates
over politics and religion with people of the
same intelligence of you. But you know they
can never convince you otherwise, you stubborn
person, you. As a unique person you are (not
to mention just a tad bit eccentric...), you're
well-liked by either a few people, or too many

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S Sappy
K Kind
A Altruistic

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