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Hi everyone -
Well, I got online and joined before the radio segment was even over. What an awesome idea! So glad to have 'found' you (I could have still been sleeping and missed it completely!) There's the beginning of Bookcrossing karma working for me.
So, about me. I live in West Los Angeles with my husband, Daniel, our three dogs (Amos and Teddy, Australian Shepherds, and our new girl Stella, a crazy Boxer), and my stepdaughter Zoe, when she's with us. I'm a psychologist with a private practice (in the little guest house in our backyard - what a great commute), I've been a therapist for 20 years. I love it, it's a calling, and I have a wonderful group of clients, but I'm also cutting back a bit to make more time for other creative pursuits. I do lots of things artistically, altho I'd never call myself an artist (my husband does, tho): I do mosaics, sometimes I paint, I do lots of knitting and crocheting (one of a kind strange, abstract, multi-colored shawls, scarves, blankets- they definitely don't look like what you'd think of as 'normal' knitting). I'm absolutely compellingly drawn to collect things like rocks and shells. I go to tile stores and rummage through their broken tile bins. Total bliss. Then I think of things to make, incorporating ALL the things that attract me (so, something that includes knitted fabric, wood, shells, rocks, etc.) It's definitely a work in progress.
My 50th birthday is coming up at the end of this year, and to get in the spirit, I just had my nose pierced - I love it! (remember, this is L.A.). I wanted to tell myself that 50 just means I get to continue my journey of being as adventurous, experimental, idiosyncratic and eccentric as I like - that my life is my own, and what makes me happiest is so be creative with it.
Well, there's lots more, but I think that's enough for starters. I'm really happy to be a part of this group - what a Merry Pranksterish idea, with such a noble heart to it! Best wishes to you all - Lydia

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