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Friday, August 07, 2009

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Update Summer 2014: I've been lost in my own world - in a good way. Helping family, enjoying my grandson (4 years) and newest grand-daughter (1 year)- And finding less time to read but more time to write - Please visit me as JulesPaige, I blog now when I have can find my main daily blog here: visit and sit a spell if you can :)

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I collect Fire-fighter patches because all of my gents, Hubby, two sons and DIL are interior trained Volunteers - in the US currently close to 80% of all Fire-fighters are voluteers! So far from my travels and others I have several I shall try and list what I have. The newest one is a wonderful Patch from West Yorkshire Fire Service from Plum-crazy!

for book lovers and poets... a tanka
(long haiku form):

Paper, ink, lines, spine
Paragraph, chapter - touch me
Teach me and fill me

Tell me a story: Truth - Dare
Trill my imagination

Wish list: I am on RABCK...
Postcards from your locale, add an address and I'll relply in kind, extended 'wings'...

Any L. Frank Baum and or his Wizard of OZ books. Two notes: The original Ruby Red Slippers where silver.
And originally OZ was White but seen as green by the Green Goggles the Wizard handed out!
Or Pinocchio books from your neck of the woods - even in your native language.
Also Oz and Pinocchio jokes or cartoons from your local papers :)

Wiz Books that I have: (BC = from a BCer!)
Wonderful OZ PC from southernfryed! Sept 2010
1)Journeys Through Oz Derrydale 1979 Edition HC
2)The Wonderful Wizard of Oz 100th Anniversary Edition
*Pictures by W.W.Denslow HarperColleinsPublishers HC
3)The Wizard of OZ by The Reilly & Lee Co. PB
4)Ozma of OZ illustrated by John R. Neill PB
*Scholastic Book Services 1975
5)The Wizard of Oz PB Award Book, Inc
6)The Road to Oz PB A Watermill Classic 1985
7)The Wizard of Oz cover by Veronika Hart PB
*Scholastic Book Services
8)The Wizard of Oz intro by donald Wollheim PB
*An Airmont Classic pub. by. Airmont Pub.Co.Inc
9)The Marvelous Land of Oz Ill. by Neill PB
*Dover Publications, Inc 1904
10)The Marvelous Land of Oz cover by Dom Lupo PB
*Scholastic Book Services 1970
11)The Story of The Wizard of Oz PB
*A Walt Disney Read along (no tape)
12)The Wizard of Oz retold by William Furstenberg\
*PB Weekly Reader Books 1984
13)The Wizard of Oz Cookbook: Breakfast in Kansas
*Dessert in Oz Key/ Brazil/ Wells HB
*Abbevill Press Publishers 1993 Hollywood Hotplates
14)BC From Italy: Il mago di Oz (c)1999 (Jan 2010-from italianeowyn)
15)BC from Italy" from italianeowyn gifted for December 2010:
El Maravilloso Mago De Oz by L. Frank Baum Spanish Edition
c 2004 Dalmation Press
16) Gifted from Simson-Shilitoe (Feb 2011): Children's Classics In English; The Wizard of Oz - This delightful paperback was printed by Parragon in 1994 and is 151 pages.
17) from Minesayn 'The Wizard of OZ' Treasury of Illustrated Classics Cover Art by Carole Gray c)2009 HB pp189 Ill. by Quadrum Solutions
18) From Italianeowyn (and Little One!) from Vienna (Austria) Der Zauberer von Oz by (Lyman) Frank Baum Aus dem Amerikanischen von Freya Stephan-Kuhn mit Bildern von Kaus Muller. Arena Kinerbuch-Kassiker 2010 HB pp194

Pinocchio Books that I have:
(The original Pinocchio was published in 1883):

1)Pinocchio the Boy a signed copy by Lane Smith HB
*Viking 2002
2)Pinocchio retold by Freya Littledale PB
*cover by Ted Hanke Scholastic Book Service 1979
3)Pinocchio by Carlo Collodi (Translated) HB
*The Goldsmith Publishing Company
Pinocchio by Carlo Collodi PB
*Puffin Classics 1974
4)A First Little Golden Book Walt Disney's Pinocchio
*HB Adapted by Nikki Grimes ill.Ortiz/Wakeman 1992
Honey Bear Books Press and Play Pinocchio HB
*Modern Publishing (Unisystems Inc) 1986
5)BC from Italy: Le Avventure Di Pinocchio (c)2002 (Jan 2010 from italianeowyn)
6)BC from Finland, an Italian version: Le Avventure di Pinocchio c1972 by GRAFISK FORLAG A/S (Feb 2010-from lukutuoli)
7)BC from Finland in that lanugage: Pinokkio by Carlo Colliodi - Kestutis Kasparavicius c1993 Coppernrath Verlag GmbH & Co. KG (Feb 2010-from lukutuoli)
8)BC from USA Walt Disney's Pinocchio c1995 -Grolier Book Club Edition (Registered by Rosepetal2 Sept 2008, gifted by southernfryed Feb 2010)
9)BC from Israel: Pinocchio in Hebrew (gifted by Unwrittenlibra March 2010)
10)BC from USA The Adventures of Pinocchio/Treasury of illustrated Classics by Carlo (Lorenzini) Collidi born in 1826 - Collidi is a small town outside of Florence where Carlo Lorenzini was raised! Illustrated by Bob Berry (c)2008 by Modern Publishing - A Divison of Unisystems, Inc. NYC, NY (gifted by Minesayn March 2010)
11) Well Loved Tales: Pinocchio retold by Audrey Daly illustrated by Martin Aitchison - Ladybird Books c MCMLXXIX (gifted by BC Brookler July 2010)
12 (PC no ID)Carlo Collodi The Adventures of Pinocchio Story of a Puppet. New translation by Nancy Canepa, New illustrations by Carmelo Lettere STEERFORTH ITALIA. c2002 Steerforth Press (Vermont,USA)
From the New Library Cafe/bookstore.
13) Info to be added: A wonderful coloring book
14) and chubby board book about Pinoccho making cookies in English and Spanish both from Itanlianeowyn (gifted for Dec 2010)
15) Gifted from Simson-Shilitoe (Febrary 2011)a wonderful puzzle buch in German of Pinocchio with six, six piece puzzles to share with my grandson!
16) from Minesayn; The Adventures of Pinocchio, Treasury of Illustrated Classics, c)2009 cover art by Julia Lundman HB 188 ill. Bob Berry

Books I have completed in 2011
1) Friends, Lovers, Chocolate by Alexander McCall Smith pb pb (about 350? - sent out the book before looking at the page count!)
2) Mr. Alexander's Four Steps to Love by Alexander Stadler HB/pp96
(this book is going to be a wedding favor! Cool beans!)

Books I have completed in 2010:
Total Pages: 20,608

72. Died in the Wool by Mary Kruger (not yet registered) pb/pp 305

71. Endymon Spring by Matthew Skelton HB/pp 392 (going to a BCer)
70. Title and author to be added (going to be a gift)pb/pp 322
69. Myst by Rand and Robbin Miller with David Wingrove pb/pp 399
68. Dakota Home by Debbie Macomer pb/pp 374 (67,68 Thanks Trekwoman)
67. A Lady Never Trifles with Thieves/ S. Ledbetter pb/pp 199
66. Twelve Sharp by Janet Evanovich HB pp 310
65. Eleven on Top by Janet Evanovich HB/pp 310
64. A Stitch in Time by Monica Ferris pb/pp245
63. Murder Can Cool Off Your Affair by Selma Eichler pb/pp 258

62. Real Murders by Charlaine Harries pb/pp 290
61. Which Hill by Marion Z. Bradley pb/pp 244 (from rororosie)
60. A Dealy Yarn by Maggie Sefton pb/pp262 (from Library Cafe)
58. Cat Rais the Dead (Joe Grey) S.R. Murphy pb/pp 288
57. Ten Big Ones by Janet Evanovitch HB/pp 312
56. Fearless Fourteen by Janet Evanovitch pb/pp 334
55. Wicked Appetite by Janet Evanovitch HB/pp 313
54. Cat Under Fire (library book) pb/pp 244

53. Cat in the Dark S R Murphy (Library book) hb/pp265
52. Before You Leap by Kermit the Frog HB/pp222 Thanks dg7500!
51. Life of Pi by Yann Martel pb/pp 326 (thanks brianna from LA/CA)
50. Cat on the Edge/ S R Murphy pb/pp274
49.The Fly on the Wall/Tony Hillerman pb/pp 338
48.You May Now Kill The Bride/ D. Donnelly pb/pp274

47. Lean Mean Thirteen by Janet E. HB/pp 310
46. Like Water for Chocololate by Laura Esquirel HB/pp 246
45. Once a Thief by suzann Ledbetter pb/pp 393
44. Death by Sudoku by Kaye Morgan pb/pp 199
43. To the Nines by Janet E. pb/pp 320

42. Seven Up by J. Evanovich HB/pp 309
41. Hot Six by J. Evanovich pb/336
40. High Five by J. Evanovich pb/pp 317
39. Blockade Billy by Stephen King HB/pp 132
38. Squashed by Joan Bauer HC pp 194
37. Four to Score, Evanovish pb pp 313
36. Sizzling Sixteen, Evanovich HB pp 309
35. Three to Get Ready, Evanovich pb pp 321

34. Dying for Chocolate by D M Davidson pb/pp 320
33. Killer Hair by E. Byerrum pb/pp 276
32. Dead in the Family by C. Harris HB/pp 311
(not mine - need to return to owner)
31. Holy Smokes by Katie MacAlister pb/pp 341
30. The Shadow by James Luceno pb/pp 216
29. Knit Two by K.Jacobs pb/pp 360
28. People of the Darkness by Tony Hillerman pb pp 282

27. Behind the Scens at the Museum by Kat Atkinson pb pp 381
(not a BC book and I need to return it to the owner)
26. So You Want to Be a Wizard by D. Duane pb pp370
25. A Wizard Abroad by Diane Duane pb pp 339

24. The Portable Jewish Mother L. Rozakis pb/pp280
23. Plum Spooky. J. Evanovich pb/345
22. Crooked House/ A. Christie pb/pp 223
21. Deja Dead /K.Reichs pb/pp 532
20. The Magician's Nephew/ C.S.Lewis pb/pp 221

19. The Ghost Train by A. Ridley (A play) pb/pp93
18. The Shell Seekers by R. Pilcher pb/pp 582
17. A Killer Stitch by M. Sefton HB/pp 260
16. Tears of the Giraffe A.M.Smith pb/pp 217
15. Tea Time for the Traditionally Built A.M.Smith HB/pp 212
14. Visions of Sugar Plums /Janet E/HBpp 149
13. In the Company of Cheerful Ladies A.M.Smith HB/pp 233
12. Ender's Shadow/ Orson Scott Card/pb/pp 469
11. Paper Doll/R. Parker HB/pp 170

10. The Geographer's Library/J.Fasman HB/pp 374
9. Blade Runner: Eye And Talon /Jeter pb/pp 236
8. A Knight for a Flower by S.Kanyadi HB/pp 223
7. Will The Vampire People Please Leave the Lobby
by A. Beatrice pb/pp 233

6. The Dark Wind /Hillerman pb/pp 290
5. A Babe in Ghostland /L. Cach pb/pp 340
4. Belly Laughs/J McCarthy pb/pp 165 sending to Comrade Camper 7/2010
3. Dance Hall of the Dead /Hillerman pb/pp 242
2. A Cat in a Chorus Line /Asamson pb/pp 229
1. The Sinister Pig /Hillerman pb/pp 318

My first 52/52 2010 is 52 controlled releases
I am at c1:52:52 (completed July 2010)
My second 52/52 2010 (completed November 2010)
My third 52/52 2010 7:52

My first set of Wild Releases 52/52 2010
I am at w1:44:52

Other mystery writers series that sound like fun:
Elaine Veits: Dead-End Job mystery series
Nancy Martin: The Blackbird Sisters Mystery Series

Series books I have read or would like to read.
Date read or * (read), Title.
have...(not yet read), Title.
@ Part of the series that I haven't read/don't have
Anything that is part of the series that I haven't listed I probably don't have either :)

Ellen Byerrum
2010 Killer Hair
@ Designer Knockoff
Get Clued in at

Diane Mott Davidson
The Culinary Mysteries of Goldy the Caterer:
@ Catering to Nobody
2010 Dying for Chocolate
@ The Cereal Murders
@ The Last Suppers
@ Killer Pancake

Diane Duane:
5/2010 So You Want to Be A Wizard
---@---Deep Wizardry
---@---High wizardry
5/2010 A Wizard Abroad
---@---The Wizard's Dilemma

Deborah Donnely:
9/2010 You May Now Kill the Bride
Other books in this 'Wedding Planner' series
Death Takes a Honeymoon
May the Best Man Die
Died to Match
Veiled Threats
Bride and Doom

Janet Evanovich
7/10 Sizzling Sixteen but it isn't mine and I have to return it.
read Finger Lickin Fifteen' (1st copy from dvg, 2nd copy from z3Cargaragez)
10/10..Fearless Fourteen (gifted by Z3/registered by Tiatia)
8/10...Lean Mean Thirteen (I think I had two copies one from dvg?)
11/11---Twelve Sharp - picked up at a discount store.
11/11 --Eleven on Top - picked up at the library store.
10/10 --Ten Big Ones - picked up at the library store
read...Hard Eight (from 'GD) Need to check this again (10 is the 'Bat Cave' book)
8/10...To the Nines (from 'GD')
7/10...Seven Up (Thanks BC 'iamagirldork = 'GD')
7/10...Hot Six (from 'GD')
7/10...High Five (from 'GD')
7/10...Four to Score (from 'GD')
7/2010 Three to Get Ready (from 'GD')
read Two for the Dough
read One For the Money
read Plum Lovin
read Plum Spooky
2010 Visions of sugar Plums
read The Grand Finale
read Naughty Neighbor
read Foul Play
TBR Metro Girl (thanks dvg)
read Motor Mouth
have...Full House (from 'GD')
have...Full Speed w/C Hughes
have...Full Blast w/C Hughes
have...Full Scoop w/C Huges (from 'GD')
have...Hot Stuff w/L. Banks (from 'GD')
have/gifted: Manhunt (from nancynova 8/2010)
New series about the Seven Deadly Sins...
10/2010 Wicked Apptite

Charlaine Harris:
Not listed yet but I have read all of the Sookie books!
Charlaine Harris: Aurora Teagarden Mysteries;
10/2010 Real Murders
A Bone to Pick
Three Bedrooms, One Corpse
The Julius House
Dead Over Heals
A Fool and His Honey

2010 Dead in the Family

Monica Ferris:
A Murderous Yarn
Unraveled Sleave
10/2010 A Stitch in Time
Framed in Lace
Crewel World

Tony Hillerman
2010 The Sinister Pig
* The Fallen Man
* Sacred Clowns
* The Shape Shifter
* Skeleton man
* A Theif of Time
2010 Dance Hall of the Dead
9/10 The Fly on the Wall - about politics (from heartthumper 7/2010)
2010 The Dark Wind
2010 People of the Darkness

Katie MacAlister: Aisling Grey Guaridan Novels:
(Not sure if this is still running:
@ You Slay Me
@ Fire Me Up
@ Light My Fire
2010 Holy Smokes
@ Ghost of a Chance

Katie MacAlister others:
@ Men in Kilts
@ The Corset Diaries
@ Hard Day''s Knight
@ Blow Me Down
@ Even Vampiers Get the Blues
@ The Last of the Red-Hot Vampires

Shirly Rousseau Murphy
9/2010 Cat on the Edge
10/10 Cat Under Fire (library book)
10/10 Cat Raise the Dead (library book)
9/2010 Cat in the Dark (library book)
Joe Grey reading order from website
read/Cat on the Edge
read/Cat Under Fire
read/Cat Raise the Dead
read/Cat in the Dark
Cat to the Dogs
Cat Spitting Mad
**Cat on the Money(no clue why the double **)
Cat Laughing Last
Cat Seeing Double
Cat Fear No Evil
Cat Cross Their Graves
Cat Breaking Free
Cat Pay the Devil
Cat Deck the Halls
Cat Playing Cupid
Cat Striking Back
Cat Coming Home

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