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Hi there, everyone !

Have had a love of reading and books ever since I can remember, and I seem to have a problem giving many of my 'special' books away. Being introduced to Bookcrossing by my daughter has inspired me to get organised and do something about them !

Books have always been valued by me, especially as gifts, and these have a special place on my bookshelf. Then there are the ones I've lugged around with me on my travels - also special. What about all the books I've bought for a 'special' read ? Or as a special treat - with their glossy pages, beautiful pictures, artwork or layout, regardless of topic.

So for two months I worked through the bulk of books from my bookshelves, registered and labelled them. Next step is to set them loose around Croydon. Then go one step further and invite Lions Clubs, Croydon residents, local businesses, book outlets and community centres to participate. Add the little BookCrossing logo '' to the Croydon 3136 Business & Community Directory against Crossing Zones in Croydon. Even play 'book monitor' to help others make the most of their BookCrossing experience.

So why do I keep buying books to give away ? Because I truely love the concept of BookCrossing. A book is a wonderful present to be enjoyed, and hopefully my careful labelling, stamping and covering of books reflects this. Books can take us places we never visit, introduce us to people we've never met, teach us things we never knew, and enable us to stretch to our full potential.


Croydon Official BookCrossing Zone: It took a while to set up an official crossing zone at one of my favourite places, Network Nirvana, until closure 25 November 2016.

Official Lions BookCrossing Project: It took even longer to convince my past Lions Club to make this an official Croydon Lions Club project. Donated books will continue to be released locally and at Croydon events.

Diabetes awareness BookCrossing project: Have created another bookshelf (Diabetes-3136) for distributing books, and to help diabetes support groups 'kick start' promoting their communities by sending them books if requested. This is now listed with the IDF. Once all books registered through the Lions Croydon bookshelf are released, will use this bookshelf while phasing out the other one.

Yes, I'm a community-minded person, well travelled, well read. Importing business owner in a previous life (before internet) and now spend time around the house crocheting and in the garden. Still promoting my town, community, reading and Croydon via the 'net. Proud to have been Internet Chairman for my Lions District in the past. Recovering PaddyNet chatter. Transposer of geneology data. Enthusiastic sender of postcards and a coin collector. Proud mother of Charlene. Diabetic. Owner of an Austin A40 Somerset. Passionate about the net - or can you tell ?

1 December 2016.

Have just finished reading 'Phantom Prey' by John Sandford.

Now reading 'Bleedout' by Joan Brady.

Still reading snatches of 'The Tomb of Tutankhamen' by Howard Carter.

Stalled re-writing the Croydon Directory since GeoCities closed. Joined GoodReads and LibraryThing, and support the Kiva BookCrossing team. Also rediscovered crocheting !

Still reading 'The Happy Prince' by Oscar Wilde, with snatches from 'The Power of Now' by Eckart Tolle.
Need to read 'Flotsam' by Erich Maria Remarque (Recommended by non-member).


My Wish List:
1) I wish the 'Current Releases' did NOT show trades, book rings, postal or RABCK. Jeees. Use a 'Controlled Release' journal for those, folks !
2) Have you found a book, then visited Book Crossing to register, yet NOT RECORDED THE BOOK YOU CAUGHT ? Shame on you !
3) I wish all 'AnonymousFinders' only caught books written with invisible ink.

My Goal:
To turn all AF's into BL's, and all BL's into BC's as per gwenwifar's Article July 2004.


PS.. Croydon Park image on profile since Beta.2, current image (31Oct14) since WDD 2015, and had requested a small blue circle against my Wings.

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