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From Melbourne, Victoria Australia

Age 53

Joined Wednesday, May 21, 2008

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books registered 1 507
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I have completed rings, rays, boxes and regularly attend the local BC meetups. I joined because I love books and I love reading, always have. I find Bookcrossing a fun concept and I enjoy the community spirit and (when I have time) the forums.

My bookshelf does not necessarily represent my book tastes as I like to register and release a diversity of genres and styles rather than just what I would like to read. I used to have a huge list of 'read books' in this profile but now it's all centralised on my Goodreads account:

I am trying not to join too many bookrings or rays and to concentrate instead on reducing the number of books on my TBR shelves. This seems to be working, albeit very slowly.

Countries where I have personally wild-released:

Australia (minus WA and NT)
Bosnia & Herzegovina
United Kingdom

My registered books have visited many more countries, something I used to follow with a world map which unfortunately stopped working so I have lost track of this - a shame.

I try to leave books in places I don't usually visit, whether it's a North Sea ferry or a part of Melbourne I get to go for the first time for work or else. Needless to say I get pretty excited if one of my books get caught and journalled.

Even rarer. I have stumbled upon a few wild releases too:

- The Big Trip (03/09)
- A very proper death 2 days after the Big Trip - I was having a good run that week.
- Beware of the Purple Peanut Butter- - This catch is my personal favorite due to its circumstances!
- Chances by Jackie Collins

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