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From Medicine Hat, Alberta Canada

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I'm still pretty brand new to this whole BookCrossing phenomenon, but I sure do like it! I'm happy to have found such a large community of people who "get it."

I am a voracious bibliophile, so this is a great opportunity to get copies of my favorite books into other people's hands, and also to clear up some shelf space; I have more than a few duplicates in my own permanent collection! I'm still in the process of cataloging it all over at LibraryThing, which is where I first heard mention of this awesome site.

I really LOVE the idea of "releasing books into the wild" and so far am having fun doing it! I'm not, however, entirely opposed to some trading. My list of Available registered books isn't very large, but if you see something on my shelf that you'd like, let me know! I likely won't ever post much of a wish list on here: I'll read darn near ANYTHING that's in front of me (including cereal boxes and appliance manuals if nothing else is at hand)!, but I think I'd love to receive a suprise book if ever anyone does want to trade.

November, 2007
I'm really excited to be taking part in my first-ever book challenge! Colleenk has begun the Medicine Hat Release challenge to prompt inactive Bookcrossers in the area, and hopefully generate some activity! It's been woefully quiet 'round here...

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