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**NOTE** I apologize for not being in here for such a long time, my real life has been extremely busy and I simply have not had time to do much here. Recently I released several boxes of books between Brockville/Prescott and Ottawa (Ontario) and have listed these books as "travelling"...hopefully someday they will be registered by their finders! :)

I'm currently starting to register books again, don't hesitate to send me your requests (trades welcome). ;)

Hi there,

If you look at my list, the first thing you'll notice is, a wide variety of topics. This is because both my mother and I share this Bookcrossing account. We love books! And occasionally, some books will find a permenent home with us, possibly being released again later in life.

My mother(76) is geared more towards Historical Romance novels and Women's fiction...and myself, just about everything in between...Lol! :) We welcome trades, so, if there is something that catches your eye...let me know. I try to get all books mailed out to their new homes by month's end.

My mother used to work for The Book Room in Halifax, NS...many years ago. She taught me a great deal about the respect and care of books. Sadly, The Book Room closed it's doors at the end of March '08...another chapter in my mom's life that will forever be remembered and cherished!

Myself, I'm a moderator/owner of a Yahoo! group here in Kemptville, ON. Canada. as part of the Freecycle Network. I also am an artist (on Deviant Art) and video creator (on You Tube). Not to mention into many, many real life activities!

We welcome trades of my books for the following items:

> your Book trades
> Anything Yu Gi Oh! related (a HUGE Seto Kaiba fan to books)
> Postcards
> Souvenir spoons (tiny spoons from different countries)

In short, we're both looking forward to trading books with bookcrossers from across the world! And hoping to make many friends as well! :)
(All requests are mailed out on or after the first of each month)

New Zealand
Sri Lanka

Edmonton, AB. Canada
Brockville, ON. Canada
Kemptville, ON. Canada
Gananoque, ON. Canada
Toronto, ON. Canada
Ottawa, ON. Canada
Kanata, ON. Canada
Kanata Lakes, ON. Canada
Nepean, ON. Canada
Orleans, ON. Canada
Barrhaven, ON. Canada
Ashton, ON. Canada
Oxford Mills, ON. Canada
Gatineau, PQ. Canada
Alymer, PQ. Canada
Yarmouth, NS. Canada
Prescott, ON. Canada
Sudbury, ON. Canada
Kemptville, ON. Canada
Cardinal, ON. Canada
Carleton Place, ON. Canada

Alabama, USA
Illinois, USA
South Carolina, USA
Minnesota, USA
Pennsylvania, USA
Maine, USA
Texas, USA
California, USA
New York, USA
Oklahoma, USA

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